Monday, July 21, 2014

week recap

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highlights from my week:
- last weekend Thomas & i just hit a brick wall. it's been a very busy & stressful few weeks and it kinda just hit us. Thomas felt horrible all weekend & we were both just dragging. we laid low & tried to get as much rest as we could. i ended up taking an inadvertent 5 hour nap on Saturday afternoon. Thomas woke up while i was still sleeping & made dinner for us! he even set up dinner on the table on our front porch & we ate outside! it was a nice date night at home!

- we have been eating pretty healthy lately & only allowing ourselves one sweet treat a week. we hadn't had a sweet treat in a while, so after our outside dinner Thomas took me to Starbucks for a cake pop!  i love cake pops because they are sweet but they aren't too much! they are just a few bites & the perfect size! i love the plain chocolate pops, but they were out so i got salted caramel & it was delicious!

- speaking of how awesome my husband is, he got me a bunny for an early birthday gift! my birthday isn't until late August so it's a really early gift! we now have a little bunny hopping around the house & it is the best thing ever! i'll be sharing more about him tomorrow!

- this past weekend, my mom took me, my sister, & my nephew on a beach trip to Isle of Palms! it is in Charleston county & is so pretty! this was Jonah's first trip to the beach so it was a lot of fun seeing him explore everything! we also haven't taken a family vacation in years because of everyone's school & work schedules so it was fun to have a mini family vacation!

- last week i told you that my grandma had a stroke & was in the hospital. we went to visit her on Tuesday night and she is doing alright. her mind is as sharp as ever but she didn't have much feeling or use of the left side of her body. we were told that the first 10 days after a stroke will give you a good grasp of how recovery will go. she has been moved to a nursing home to do rehab & recover some skills she may have lost. she is in her 90's so this is probably more difficult for her - please keep her in your prayers.

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how was your week?!


  1. My husband surprised me by making supper one night last week too. When I called to tell him I was on my way home from work he could tell it had been a long, frustrating day so by the time I walked in the door he had supper already started. It's amazing how meaningful something like that is.

  2. What a sweet surprise from your hubby - both the dinner and the bunny! Can't wait to hear more about your new furry friend :)

  3. How sweet of him to make a dinner for y'all to enjoy! Sometimes you just need those little moments :)

  4. bunny as a birthday gift? how sweet is that? can't wait to see more pictures :) and starbucks cake pops are *the best*!!

  5. You have a BUNNY!!?!?! How exciting!!! I've always wanted one, but my parents never allowed them in the house! I can't wait to see a million pictures and videos!

  6. My Grandma who is in her 70's had a stroke last year. She completely rehabilitated in the nursing facility and is now back home living alone. Prayers for your grandma

  7. Cutest bunny ever!! Sometimes you need those weekends at home.

  8. oh neat! :) that is awesome! it really is so simple yet SO meaningful! :) thanks for sharing, Sara! :)

  9. yes! i loved the dinner & was so shocked that he actually let us get a bunny!!! :)

  10. yes! it was better than any date night out! :)

  11. yes!!! best birthday gift ever! :) ahh i know! i love their cakepops so much!!

  12. YES!!! :) he is so cuddly & sweet! he is 4 months old so still growing, but he's a dwarf so he'll stay pretty small!! :)

  13. oh wow! that is such an awesome recovery story! thanks for sharing, Angela! :) and thank you for your prayers!

  14. thank you!!! he is so cute! :) yes it was a much needed weekend at home! although i wish we didn't sleep it away! :)

  15. Praying for your grandma!
    That cake pop looks so I want one! :)
    Thanks for linking up with us today! I hope you're finally feeling better!

  16. thank you!!! oh it was so delicious! :)