Monday, July 28, 2014

week recap

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highlights from my week:
- the beach trip with my mom & sister was a lot of fun! my 2 year old nephew went & it was his first time at the beach! it was a lot of fun to see his reactions to the ocean and sand - he loved it! if you have ever been to the beach with a 2 year old though, you know it is a very busy trip! i am still recuperating! :)

- Albie has been enjoying his new home! we let him hop around in the backyard a few nights a week & he really loves it. he will randomly stand up and stick his little arms up in the air! he's the cutest bunny ever! he has also started using his litter box which is a good thing since i want him to be an inside bunny! :)

- there is a peach shed & market on our 50 minute commute home from work. we stop there every other week to stock up on peaches & fresh veggies! i am really enjoyed grilled squash right now, so we eat squash multiple times a week! :)

- Dixie really hasn't bothered the rabbit much, but she is definitely vying for attention! i thought she would sniff the rabbit's cage more since she's a hunting dog, but she doesn't seem to care much that the rabbit is there. she really pays attention when i am holding Albie though. she is being a diva again now that there is yet another pet to compete with for attention!

- i've been working on some fun decorations for Jenna's shower on August 2! i can't post any pictures because i want it all to be a surprise to her! :) there are others helping with the shower, but i am the main decor girl! i don't really have a huge budget, so i am going with a simple but fun theme! i think she will like it & i will be posting pictures after the shower!

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favorite reads:
- i love Susannah's thoughts on what being blessed really means & what it does not mean.
- this is a great post about communication with your spouse & how daily communication is so important!
- this post about Christian introverts was pretty spot on. we don't love Jesus less, just differently. :)
- & i stumbled upon this post about how there's no such things as "i used to be a missionary" and it is a wonderful read!

& a huge congrats to Vivian who won the $35 Starbucks giveaway! :)

how was your week?!


  1. Wow, the veggies at that market look delicious! I love grilled squash, too. So delicious and so easy. I'm glad to hear that Albus is adjusting to life as an inside bunny!

  2. Squash season is great when you don't have your own plants (then you have way too much that you can't use it fast enough)! What's your favorite recipe with summer squash?

  3. haha yeah! my in laws grow squash & they can never eat it fast enough! we normally just grill squash with an olive oil coating, but we also like making pita pizzas with squash as the main topping! :)

  4. so yummy & fresh! :) there is just something more fun about getting food from a local market! :)

  5. I love seeing pictures of your bunny! I love that he sticks his arms up in the air! So cute!

  6. your nephew's so cute! it's great to spend time with kiddos in the outdoors. :) and fresh veggies is always a good idea!

  7. hehe! he just keeps getting cuter!

  8. thanks! :) it was so fun to hang out with him outside!! & yes fresh veggies are what i eat like every night haha

  9. Your bunny! Your dog! Some of my favorite things to read about in blog land! =)

    Ok, you did write 50 minute commute correct?! That's insane but you did say you carpool with your husband so that means you get 50 minutes of car time?

  10. aww you are too sweet! i love seeing everyone's pets too! :)

    yes! it takes us about 40 minutes in the morning (without school traffic) because we leave at 7am, but 5pm traffic is horrible & it slows us down more! sometimes it takes an hour to get home after work! if there was no traffic, it would only take us about 35 minutes! so crazy that traffic can add on so much time!
    BUT yes you are right - we carpool! :) so that is nice to have all that extra time together instead of both sitting in crazy traffic by ourselves!!