Thursday, August 07, 2014

advice for newlyweds!

one thing i just knew i had to do at our wedding reception was have an advice station! because all of our married guests have been married longer than we have (which was barely an hour at the time) & i love learning from people who have been where i am about to go. so we had advice cards and a tiny mailbox, so our guests could give us their best or funniest marriage advice. we definitely got some good advice & we definitely some funny advice. it was a lot of fun to come back from the honeymoon & read all of our advice cards! i looked forward to reading those more than opening the gifts! ;)

i have always loved quotes & you can find them displayed all over our house, in my car, in letters i write, in books i read, in texts or emails i send, even in blog posts! i just love quotes! and so these advice cards are really something special in my book! they are quotes from the Bible and from people that we love... all directed towards us & our marriage. i love re-reading them frequently. i have a few displayed on the window in our kitchen & the rest are sitting on my coffee table tray in our living room so others can read them when they come over! 

since most of you will never actually be at my house, i wanted to share some of my favorites here with you! some of the funny ones i won't be posting on this blog because they are under the "things i won't blog about" list. :)


never be too proud or afraid to ask for help.

trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding; seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

avoid the first fight & you won't have to worry about the second one.

listen with your heart. forgive. laugh with each other. forgive. count your blessings daily. forgive.

every morning ask yourself how you can be a servant to your spouse that day.

stay newlyweds! stay best friends!

be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32)   good words to live & love by!

communicate about everything! have fun!

pray together - especially when you don't want to!

always consult the Lord before making decisions.

never be afraid to tell each other what's in your deepest thoughts. no one will accept you for who you are more than each other!

never let your pride keep you from forgiving.


Thomas - don't tick her off, she knows where you live....

say nice things (from a 5 year old)

take more road trips to Indiana (from my friend who lives in Indiana!)

*insert awkward phrase about honeymoon* i hope this made you laugh. don't ever stop laughing.

don't poop with the door open...

if you have any questions about "anything" call Zach

what is your go-to marriage advice you always share?


  1. i love these! one advice that a dear friend gave us at our wedding was "always kiss each other goodnight" it was so simple but such a nice little touch!

  2. these are great! I love getting advice, and I think getting advice for your marriage is the best!
    (and I love that you got a good mix of serious and funny!)

  3. I second the "take more road trips to Indiana" - that's where I live too! :)

  4. Rebecca Jo VincentAugust 7, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Ahh - I can never come up with serious ones when I'm at a wedding/shower :)

  5. I don't know what my go-to advice is, but I just read a piece of marriage advice that said, "Always have something to look forward to." And, I think I agree. Planning for new experiences is what friends do and it keeps your marriage fun and playful. I think I get most irritated with Daniel when we're stuck in a rut and I don't see anything changing anytime soon. But when we have something to look forward to - a date, a vacation, a project - that's when we work together and make fun happen.

  6. those funny ones are really hysterical--the poop one is a rule my husband and i follow (despite our being really gross and farting. all. the. time. haha) my go-to advice for newlyweds is to set aside one night a week for a date night, because life get so (!!) busy so having one night a week just the two of you can keep the spark goin :)

  7. sometimes the simple advice is the best! :) i love that!

  8. thanks, Amy! me too! sometimes you can get TOO much unsolicited advice :) but i loved all of the wisdom we got from these! & i love that we got funny also!!

  9. oh cool!!! well we just may have to do that! :)

  10. that is such a good thing! & i very much agree! planning dates, day trips, adventures, projects, etc keeps life & marriage so fun!

  11. We did something like this at our wedding, and our friends went a little goofy on us. A lot of our friends were single, and I guess they didn't feel like they had a lot of marriage-specific advice for us, so they went with life advice such as a list of all the practical keyboard shortcuts (from a guy who worked in IT) and advice like "Always look both ways before you cross the street". I thought that was cute.

  12. haha! that is awesome that they were creative :) keyboard shortcuts can really come in handy! :)
    we got married later in life, so most of our friends were already married - i can only imagine the things we would've gotten had that not been the case! ;)

  13. I love this! I also think you have the coolest 'window' decor ever! That will be such a fun thing to show your kids down the road =)

    Since I only had my immediate family and closest friends at my wedding I took a polaroid picture of them and then had them write advice for us in a book. It's been super great. I think the biggest thing in there over and over was to be quick to forgive and to communicate often. It's been true!

  14. I love this! An advice station is definitely something I'd like to consider when I get married. My best friend's brother recently got married whilst I was visiting them all in the States. They ha d a book for advice (I honestly dont remember what I said) but also an area to write date ideas. So cute! x

  15. thanks Laura! definitely do an advice station! it is a neat thing to always have to look back on!

    that book idea is fantastic! how fun to have date ideas from your friends & family right at your fingertips!! :)

  16. bahahah! :) we close the door too! ;)

    i love your advice! date nights are so important b/c it can be too easy to just let that sit on the back burner but they are so vital to the relationship (especially when kids come along)!

  17. That's how we feel about it too--if we can't make the time when it's just us two, how will we do it when there's kids?! Haha