Thursday, August 21, 2014

birthday | number edition

Saturday is my birthday & i am excited because i get to spend an entire weekend celebrating with my husband! before getting married i didn't really do anything for my birthday except celebrate over dinner with family. i am way too introverted for parties & i hate being the center of attention.

i love celebrating birthdays being married, however, because Thomas & i can take trips together and go on adventures! which is exactly what we are going to do this weekend! we are both taking tomorrow off & getting away for the weekend! Thomas has planned the entire weekend & i am so excited about it! adventure awaits

but first! i am an accountant which means that i love numbers, so i am using my birthday as an excuse to share some numbers with you!

as of Saturday, i have spent 26 years on this earth! hard to believe, but i have learned a lot along the way!

since we got married, Thomas & i have discovered that 12 groundhogs live around us! (2 of those groundhogs even live in our backyard!) it is fun to see who can spot the most groundhogs on our drive home from work!

as of today, i have been married to my favorite guy for exactly 462 days! that is even harder to believe, some days it feels like less & some days it feels like much more!

Thomas turned 29 this year (on our anniversary)! he is 3 1/2 years older than me.

we welcomed Albus the bunny into our family & we now have 3 pets at the House of Black!

i have read 3 James Potter books this year & am almost finished with the 4th one!

i have published 252 blog posts on this blog since i created it! you can check out some of my favorite posts here!

Thomas & i have been able to go on 6 trips together since getting married (7 if you include this weekend!), including family vacations & business trips! during those trips, we were able to visit 9 different states!

in my life, i have been to 4 countries outside of the US! The Bahamas, Canada, England, and France!

i've completed 11 items on my 30x30 list so far! i've only got 4 more years to finish!

5:00pm is the time i wish it was so i would be off work & starting my long weekend! :)

what number are you thinking about today?


  1. I didn't know you were an accountant! Interesting. Happy birthday, and have fun this weekend!

  2. I think how long it was that I was in my 20's :)
    Happy Birthday & happy celebrating :)

  3. This is great! I'm going to be 26 next month :)

    Happy birthday(Saturday!), Robyn!!

  4. yes, i am! :) at least i don't come off as one, haha!
    thank you Amanda!

  5. thanks so much Amanda! oh my! i hope time slows down for you!! :)

  6. woohoo!!! happy EARLY birthday to you!
    thank you Courtney! :)

  7. So fun!!! Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  8. Happy Early Birthday- Enjoy your weekend away!

  9. Hope you enjoyed your birthday! This post made me smile -- I know numbers/math are right up your alley :)

  10. man i need to do a 30x30 list here soon. AHHHHHHHHH
    i love this post much goodness in 26 years for you!

  11. thanks Julie! it was such a fun but relaxing weekend! those are hard to come by :)

    yes! August birthdays are fun! except when you're in school & your birthday is the first day of school! but waiting to celebrate until fall is awesome! :)

  12. thank you Angela! it was great & i can't believe it ended so soon!

  13. yes you do! :) it is fun to always have goals right in front of your face - for me at least! haha! thank you friend!

  14. Oh man, you're so right about the first day of school thing--that would be a bummer. At least we're past that age now :)

  15. SometimesphotojenikAugust 27, 2014 at 12:07 AM

    Happy birthday! Loved all the numbers I love numbers too!

  16. thank you! :) awesome! it is rare to meet another number lover!