Monday, August 04, 2014

week recap

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highlights from my week:
- Albie loves to stretch out right at the front of his cage & watch what is going on! i will walk in the room in the mornings & he is just laying there watching things! the dogs will come over & they will all sniff each other's noses through the wire. it is really cute & i love that he is so interactive!

- July 31 is JK Rowling & Harry Potter's birthday! this year for Harry's birthday, Kristin at Lovely People had an "everyone wins" giveaway on her instagram for a print of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron! you better believe i took that opportunity! now i have a cute print to go with my HP books!

- in my project 12 post for July i talked about how we only went on one date during July... so the first day of August we took care of that & went downtown after work! we ate dinner & then got some red velvet cake pops, because no downtown date night is complete without a treat from The Chocolate Moose!

- the bridal shower on Saturday was so, so much fun! :) it was really cool seeing all of our hard work come together! Jenna had a great time & it was really neat seeing her friends and family shower her with love & gifts! i will be sharing more photos from the shower later this week!

- does your dentist have any type of treat for you to grab when you're leaving?! my dentist always has otis spunkmeyer cookies! yum! i used to not get them because i wasn't really sure if they were for everyone. but last year i decided to try the ginger spice & it is so delicious! now i grab one every time because i figure after having my teeth, gums, and jaw assaulted for 30 minutes - i DO deserve a cookie! :)

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how was your week?!


  1. We have yet to try The Chocolate Moose. We always end up at Coffee Underground. Cheesecake!!

  2. yum! i haven't been to Coffee Underground in a while! we should all 4 go there sometime! :)

  3. yes!!! We have stuff every weekend in August, but maybe September?

  4. yay! :) that would be perfect! August is such a busy month!!

  5. Your dentist give out cookies?? Man--I only ever got a toothbrush!

  6. I just checked out your Project 12 Link- What a cute idea!!!

  7. thanks! I was so excited when Amanda came up with it & wanted to join in :) you should do it next year!!

  8. yes! i am kinda surprised... like "oh we just cleaned your teeth - here put some sugar on them!" but i am not complaining :)

  9. otis spunkmeyer cookies are the best!

  10. THE BEST! so when they are free it is a deal you can't pass up! :)

  11. I love that your dentist sends you off with some treats! My last dentist trip was a couple of years ago, because I got scared away. It was such a bad experience. I really need to find a new one! Preferably one that sends me off with cookies!