Monday, August 11, 2014

week recap

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highlights from my week:
- Thomas will surprise visit me at work sometimes & bring me a blended strawberry lemonade to work during his lunch break! it is my favorite drink & always a great pick me up in the afternoon! this past week he brought me one & added a cake pop too! yeah, i have an awesome husband! :)

- Albie is still hopping right along! he loves when he gets to go outside in the backyard & explore! he munches on grass, hops all around the yard, & sniffs everything! he also likes to cuddle before going to sleep for the night! having a bunny around is so much fun! 

- our church plant is having our public launch on September 7 & that is our first Sunday in the building we will be using. after work on Wednesday Thomas & i drove to the building to look at the layout with one of the pastors. Thomas is one of the main sound guys so he needed to make sure our sound equipment would work well & be able to set up in this building. it is hard to believe the public launch is less than a month away!

- Thomas had a doctors appointment on Thursday which ended up in him needing an upper endoscopy on Friday morning just to make sure things look okay! it basically means that they stick a video camera down your throat to look around at everything! since he would be put to sleep for it, i had to drive him home from the appointment. i am very blessed in that my job allows me to work from home if need be. so i was able to work while i was sitting in the waiting room (for 2 hours!) & also once i got back home! i wish i didn't have to work, but at least i was able to be there for Thomas instead of stuck in the office! everything ended up looking good, but they did stretch his esophagus & take a few biopsies so he has been sore this weekend & having a hard time eating!

- my grandma is still in a rehab facility recovering from the stroke. i went to visit her on Saturday & i think that's the first time i've seen her by myself in years! she has had some movement in her left leg & arm during therapy so that is a good sign! she has still got a long way to go though, but she's got a really positive attitude and says whatever God wills she is okay with! :)

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how was your week?!


  1. that starbucks drink looks so yummy!! And thanks for the shout out! I 'll have to check on some of those other links too!

  2. I hope all is ok with your husband! I'm really glad you go visit your grandma. I know that is probably hard to do but I'm sure you both are so blessed by it. I admire her walk with the Lord to be so accepting of good and hard times.

    Wahoo for the church plant! That is super exciting!

  3. That's so sweet that your hubby brings you mid-day treats! Glad to hear his appointment went well + he's recovering :)

  4. I'm loving your curly hair!! So cute!

  5. thank you! :) i am getting used to leaving it curly! i used to straighten it every day but just can't anymore! i normally straighten it every weekend though! haha!

  6. yes! he is great & i love mid-day treats! :) thank you! he is feeling better today!

  7. it is! :) it is a blended strawberry lemonade! not on the menu but SO delicious! :)
    no problem... thank YOU for writing awesome content! :)

  8. thank you! he is feeling better today! i admire her too :) she is an encouragement & someone to look up to! :)

  9. How cool that you can mix it up - both ways look really nice :)