Monday, August 18, 2014

week recap

- we missed our passport to fun date in July due to how busy our month was! so we had to double team on them this month! we tackled them both this week & had double the fun with Thailand on Wednesday & Botswana on Saturday!

- between both of us working full time, having a 45-minute commute, both families in town, church commitments, and "us" time... it doesn't leave us with a lot of spare time to spend with friends! we don't get to hang out with friends very often, so it's always a treat when we can! we went downtown on friday with some friends we haven't seen since March & it was good to catch up and just be!

- yesterday our church plant had connections class for the core group to officially become members of the church! we have been meeting as a church since April, but on Sunday Thomas & i officially became members and signed the covenant with the church! the class was 4 hours long & we went over the mission of the church, what our vision is, and what is expected of the members. for example, our church wants all of their members to join a small group because this is where true Biblical community happens! so it was long, but it was good & we had Moe's catered for dinner! yum!

- speaking of the lack of friend time, it is even harder to keep in touch when your friend lives all the way in Russia! one of my best friends, Rebecca, moved to Russia in March! she is doing the journeyman program through IMB and will be in Russia for 2 years! i have texted & emailed her some since she moved, but this past weekend we finally had the chance to skype! sometimes it is just good to see a friends face & be able to talk rather than type! :)

- Thomas & i went to an animal park for our Botswana date and ran into my boss! he just moved to SC in February & had some family visiting this week. he introduced me as "the one who brings me all the brochures!" haha! because i pick up downtown maps & event flyers and give them to him!

- taking a walk around the lake & feeding ducks
- nights downtown with friends & chai tea lattes!
- a day at the animal park & camel photobombs
- planning road trips & adventures with my husband

- here are 9 ways to help your friends that are depressed - you don't have to understand it, you just have to be there!
- i loved this glimpse at what a married Saturday really looks like!
- this post about what we can do for those suffering around the world was an encouragement but also a challenge!
- this post about how to say goodbye really hit home to me because goodbyes are so, so hard sometimes!
- when you realize someone else's pain it can help you be more compassionate! i love this perspective on how white space breeds generosity!
- praying come, Jesus, come when there are no words...
- i made the mistake of reading this story of a dog's last day on my lunch break at work. it is beautiful but very sad. don't read it at work (you will cry buckets) but read it! and after you read it, read the follow up post about all the days before his last!

go to weeknight meals + a giveaway (still time to enter!)

how was your week?!


  1. thailand and botswana?! those sound like the most creative dates ever. i'm impressed. and because of your passport to fun date night ideas, when i drove by a new morrocan/mediterranean restaurant in town, i suggested to my husband that we try it out on our next date night! so thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. That dog blog.... oooooof. The massive amounts of tears.

  3. I have a friend whose son did the journeyman - he LOVED IT! what a great experience!
    and girl, it sounds like y'all just need some spare time for each other AND friendships ;) I know how hard that is to come by though. (and oh my gosh chai tea lattes YES!) now to click through to all the links! :)

  4. ha! :) they were fun!! aww that is awesome!!! i am glad you are getting some unique dates too! they are SO much fun just to experience different things each month! :)

  5. Your week sounds like a really good one. I'm glad you got to have dates, spend time with friends and officially join your church! That is super exciting. Also, you should put me in contact with your missionary friend. Maybe she could do a missionary interview on my blog =)

  6. That first picture melts my heart!

  7. awesome!!! yeah i think it is such an awesome thing to devote your life to after college! i kinda wish i could go back & do it!! :)

    haha! why does adult life have to be so crazy?! i just wanna have fun & hang out sometimes! :)

  8. thanks Beka! it was a great week for sure - i love having free time & getting to have fun! working in accounting full time isn't really "fun" haha!

    oh that is a great idea!!! i bet she would love that! i will send her an email about it & cc you!!! :)

  9. thanks Chelsea! she stole my pillow but i just didn't have the heart to move her! :)