Monday, August 25, 2014

week recap

- i finished James Potter 4 & am kinda sad that the 5th book isn't out yet! i am slowly recovering by starting the Divergent series! i also want to read The Giver again before seeing the movie, so i may just read both at the same time!

- my mom in law got me a copy of Charlie The Ranch Dog and i cannot emphasize enough how much i love this book! bassets have always been my favorite dog & i can't get enough of those cartoon chunky paws!

- i also found out this week that i'm going to be an aunt again! Thomas's sister is due in February & this will be the first grandchild for his parents!

- this weekend trip was so much fun & so very needed! Thomas & i have been so overwhelmed with all of life's little details lately that it was so restful to just get outta dodge for a few days! Thomas planned the whole trip for us & it was amazing! best birthday yet! :)

- sending mail
- impromptu dinner with friends
- having a day off work :)
- weekend getaways with my husband
- train ride & staying in a yurt

- it is okay to rest today - the world can rob you of your sleep, but not your Savior! good word!
- i very much needed to read this about learning to lighten the load we carry with us. some times we need to put things down because they are just too heavy!
- sometimes it is easier to accept forgiveness from God & others than to learn to forgive ourselves!
- Jess @ The Artsy Cajun is having an awesome birthday giveaway extravaganza & you should enter to win!
- the only way to deal with fear, is to take it to the throne room!


how was your week?!


  1. Tell me more about the James Potter series!!! I hadn't heard of it at all. I clicked over and learned that: it's about Harry's son; it is not written by JK Rowling but is sanctioned by her, and that one of her conditions was thar it be suitable or children. Are they only available as ebooks? Are they well written? Who IS the author?

    I love the Charlie the Ranch dog books. I think there are three out now and they are all great!

    Congrats on a new niece/nephew (or maybe, BOTH)!!! Babies are such fun.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and your weekend too! :)

  2. the James Potter series is basically AWESOME! :) it is definitely a little different than HP since it's not written by JK Rowling, but once you get into the story you really forget that. because it really does bring the wizarding world to life again & you feel like it's just a continuation of the story!

    The author is G Norman Lippert & they are only ebooks because he can't sell them since the world he's writing in is property of JK. they are a fanfiction that turned into full lenth novels & i am so sad the 5th (and last) one isn't out yet! if you don't have a kindle or nook, you can read the PDF versions online or print them if you have that much paper/ink lol

    Charlie the ranch dog is SO cute! i am in love with those chunky paws! :)
    thanks for the birthday wish!!!

  3. Congrats on the new little one joining the fam!

  4. thank you so much Chelsea! now we are aunt & uncle on both sides of the family!

  5. Thanks for that synopsis, it really helped!!! I'll be checking them out for sure. Thankfully, we DO have a kindle! :) Do you happen to be on goodreads?
    You're very welcome, I hope the next year is a great one!!!

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed your getaway weekend! I hope you enjoy the Divergent series. My personal review: the first book is the best and is very, very good. I was not a fan of the last book... it was one of those that I felt like I had to press on just to finish the series, but personally just did not like some of the curve balls the author threw into the mix. I just saw the Divergent movie this weekend and really liked it! So I would recommend also seeing the movie once you read the book :)

  7. woohoo for being an aunt again!
    i still need to read the last book in the divergent series - i just can't bring myself to start it for some reason.

  8. awesome! you'll have to let me know how you like it! the first few chapters of the first book i was kinda skeptical... but then i really got into it! so stick with it & at least finish the first book! :)

    i am not on goodreads! i just recently discovered what it was!

  9. thank you Amy! :)

    i am almost done with the first book & i like it so far! a coworker of mine said she hated the third book & was mad when it ended! so now i feel like i am reading the books with skepticism in my mind!

    i am definitely planning on seeing the movie after i read the books! :)

  10. :) aunt life is the best life! sometimes i procrastinate in starting books because i don't want the series to end! i have heard mixed reviews about the last book too so i am dreading reading it now haha

  11. I will!

    If you get on goodreads let me know! It's SUPER helpful at keeping track of what you have read, will read, and finding stuff that you never even knew existed. You'll love it!

    ~ Victoria

  12. I clicked on that yurt link and OMGEEE that looks like so much fun!

  13. it was THE BEST! we definitely want to stay for a longer duration next time! :) and probably during the fall & not summer! ha!

  14. ok i joined! i am not sure how everything works yet though! :)