Thursday, August 28, 2014

when your best friend lives in Russia...

in May 2011, i walked through airport security with two suitcases & boarded a flight to Wasilla, Alaska. my ultimate destination was LaVerne Griffen Youth Recreation Camp which would be my new home for the next three months. i had talked to my rommate, Rebecca, briefly over email & now i would finally get to meet her in person! 

we instantly clicked and became good friends during those three months. we served together, loved on campers together, laughed together, explored together, and shared our stories and lives with each other. we helped each other through struggles and encouraged each other through doubts. serving with someone really creates a special bond & those 3 months birthed a lifelong friendship! 

when we left Alaska, she went back to Missouri and i went home to South Carolina. it was weird at first, having been together for 3 months straight, and now so many miles separated us. but we kept in touch by texting, emailing, skyping, writing letters and cards, and visiting each other! fast forward to May 2013 and she was the maid of honor at my wedding

now that we are both out of college, we don't have the luxury of much free time. it's hard to coordinate skyping when we are both super busy & the sun is setting for her when it's rising for me. however, since we have always been long distance friends, we've always had to be intentional with keeping in touch. so when she moved to Russia in March, we just had to be intentional plus work around an 8 hour time difference! 

when we were in Alaska, one thing we loved was the weekly post office visit! i always get so excited when a letter or package is addressed to me! but it was also so much fun to see what Rebecca got as well! snail mail is my favorite whether i'm sending it, receiving it, or watching someone else open their mail! 

i love sending mail, even to my friends that live in the same city as me, because it's just an extra way of saying "hey i'm thinking about you!" texting and instagram are convenient, but snail mail will always say that little something extra! i used to mail Thomas letters when we were dating & now that we are married we still send pillow mail to each other! it is just one of those timeless fun things! 

since Rebecca has been in Russia for almost 5 months now, i figured it was high time to send her a box of goodies! :) it just really says something special when you take the time to write a letter, put together a package, and take it to the post office! 

i wanted to send her something fun, personalized, and useful, so i am mailing a modge podge of goodies! Shutterfly lets you personalize cards by adding messages & pictures to the card you create, so that was the perfect way for me to add a personal touch! i also sent a Harry Potter print because it's so adorable & every HP fan should have one! i tied the teas & wooden owl together with twine, and yes i am corny and wrote "owl see you soon" on the owl! Rebecca also likes to read like i do, so i sent The Reason for God by Tim Keller for her to read when she gets days off! you know, a little light reading! :)

personalized card | Shutterfly
harry potter print | Lovely People
The Reason for God | Tim Keller
wooden owl | Hobby Lobby

how do you keep in touch with your long distance friends?
what is your favorite type of mail to send or receive?


  1. How sweet are you! Love the box you sent - what fun goodies :)

  2. I love snail mail! I've been trying to come up with a care package to send to my sister, who recently moved to Montana - I may try to mimic some of your sweet gift items :)

  3. So sweet! I love when friends don't let distance get in the way!
    That Harry Potter print!!! I WANT!!! Awesome!

  4. Awww... What a precious package!!! I'm sure she appreciates it so much!

  5. Snail Mail is one of the best ways to keep in touch!

  6. OBSESSED with that Harry Potter print! What a nice little box of treats to send to your good friend. Snail mail really is the best:)


  7. Aww, this is just the sweetest! I know when I was living in England the few packages I got from back home were huge highlights!

  8. i love receiving packages when i'm away from home! since i couldn't ship her any Chick Fil A i decided to do the next best thing! ;)

  9. i am so glad i live in a world where skype exists! it is so neat to be able to see a friend's face even when she is on the other side of the world! :)

    and yes i am so obsessed with that Harry Potter print!

  10. aw! it is really the best! i'm sure your sister will love getting a package from you! :)

  11. i would love getting it! :) thanks Caroline!

  12. thanks Alyson! :) i just love that HP print as well!!! :)

  13. getting packages when you're away from home is just the best! :) i am so jealous that you got to live in England!!

  14. This is so fun! I'm glad you are sending her a package. They really do make your day / week / month when you are abroad =)

  15. they do! :) and i have as much fun putting packages together as she will opening it! :) hehe! i will have to get your address when you move overseas & send you fun stuff!