Thursday, September 04, 2014

30 things that i really love

life is beautiful. life is hard. i feel like we are confronted by the hard moments in life all too often. we are confronted with depressing news stories, hardships of our family and friends, sickness, etc. so much that it is easy to forget that life is beautiful. but the beauty is there, you just have to look for it. today i wanted to focus on things that make me smile so when my vision is clouded with pain or sadness i can look at this list and remember. remember the simple & silly things that bring joy.

o1 that guy ^^^

o2 road trips

o3 loving a book so much i don't want to put it down

o4 snail mail

o5 chai tea lattes

o6 puppies

o7 well, all animals really!

o8 the perfect combination of chocolate & peanut butter

o9 waking up without an alarm

10 the smell of a new book

11 the crisp in the air during autumn

12 Harry Potter

13 exploring somewhere new

14 the invention of photographs

15 guacamole

16 getting lost in music

17 crafting with friends

18 laughing

19 the Cross

20 when my check book balances

21 wearing scarves

22 anything miniature

23 being outside

24 days off of work

25 pretty paper

26 decorating my own home

27 a modge podge of colors

28 putting words on paper

29 picking out gifts

30 having 30 things that make me smile! :)

what is making you smile today?


  1. I smiled through this post :)
    When my bank statement balances, I feel like I am awesome & a genius :)

  2. i am glad!
    oh that creates the biggest smile on my face!! :)

  3. I love this post!
    I totally adore road trips and exploring new places :)

  4. Love that you find the joy in such the small things like pretty paper! It's so nice to be surrounded by and read posts like these - people who know that life is good, despite all the hard!!!

  5. Fun post! This is a great list. :)

  6. Great list!! I also love snail mail. Not enough of the good snail mail these days...

  7. yes! it is so fun just driving & seeing what there is to explore! :)

  8. thanks Caroline! it is good to remember the little things! :)

  9. thank you friend! :) it was fun to come up with this list!

  10. thank you! :) and yes i agree! we need to start a snail mail revolution!

  11. Lovely! Thank you for linking up! :)