Monday, September 08, 2014

week recap

- we saw The Giver over labor day weekend! i didn't have time to read the book again before seeing the movie because i got so caught up in the Divergent series. but i still loved the movie & now Thomas is reading the book! he hardly ever reads fiction books so i call this one a win! :) it's one of my top 5 favorite books of all time so i am hoping he will love it as well! (then i just need to convince him to read all 7 HP books!)

- i finished Allegiant this week! i can't believe i blew through the Divergent series in two weeks while working full time, but it was an interesting story! i love when books captivate me so much that i can't put them down!

- i can no longer check my personal email during my lunch break at work because it's blocked. this has created a problem for me because during lunch was the only time i used to check & reply to email. since i'm on a computer all day at work, the last thing i want to do when i get home is sit down in front of another computer. i am trying to make do with email on my phone, but on that small screen it is so easy to miss emails & i have already missed a few. #firstworldproblems

- yesterday was the public launch for our church plant! for the launch, we moved to a bigger building as well so it was interesting setting up for the first time! Thomas ran the sound board & i did the slides for the service - it's fun to work together on Sunday mornings! :) both of our parents came to the launch & we went out to lunch afterwards!

- 4 day work week
- apple festival in NC
- movie dates where the drink is 2x the size of my head
- low country boil
- free birthday pumpkin spice latte
- starting our second whole30 together

- a lesson in being present, i feel like i need to revisit this regularly!
- in case no one ever told you, you can change the world!
- this post about a 2 year olds view of God made me smile!
- i wish someone would have written me this letter when i was single!
- i wrote about how life is messy (and that's okay!) last week, and this post echos those thoughts so well!
- this made me smile... elephants dancing to a violin!


how was your week?!


  1. I LOOOVE The Giver (the book)--and can't wait to see how the movie compares. And how exciting that your church plant launched this weekend! I'm praying God does big things as you all follow him :)

  2. oh no! work emailed blocked? I.can.not.imagine! Ha, no but really!!!! haha That stinks

  3. bummer that your work did that! Those darn work places ;) That's exciting about your church launch. It will be fun to see how God works in that area.

  4. Would love to know what you thought of Allegient!

  5. I really have to check out that Divergent series. Everybody's talking about it :)

  6. Join the club. I can't check my email at work either. Sucks big time. Do you live in NC? I know, I must catch up on your blog. I saw you mentioned the apple festival which I think is held in Hendersonville? I live towards the east coast close to Greenville, NC. I love NC. I need to live at the OBX or Wilmington! I need to read up on reviews of the Divergent series since I see so many people mentioning the books.

  7. yes! i had to read it for class in middle school & i have loved the book ever since! :) the movie was good for a movie - since they can't add in all the details i never like them as much! thank you, Julie! :)

  8. yes!! just all of the sudden! so now i open email on my phone & 40 emails come up and i just cannot keep up! it is madness!

  9. yeah! they are probably just trying to make me work during lunch since i can't access anything else! ha! :)

  10. it was.... different :) i liked the first 2 books a lot! Allegiant kinda fizzled out for me. i didn't like the ending at all! but i didn't really like the entire book either lol it just seemed like nothing connected, all of these details were brought to your attention but never went anywhere. i mean it was ok, but not my favorite! :) what did you think of it??

  11. i like stories like that - in our world, but a different world & not really reality. so i liked it a lot! :)

  12. it does! i am so behind on emails now it is crazy!

    i live in SC!!! :) so we are not too far! yes it is in Hendersonville so we went up there for the day!! i have been wanting to go to Wilmington! :) i don't think i've ever been on the east side of NC yet! cool to know we're kinda neighbors though!!

  13. I completely agree. I loved the first two books and finished Allegiant just because I wanted to wrap up the series. I really disliked the ending and actually told my mom and sister, who had read the prior two books with me, not to even read Allegiant. For a great series, I thought the finale was pretty disappointing. I'm glad you enjoyed the other two books though! Not sure if you've seen the Divergent movie yet, but if you haven't I recommend it. They followed the book pretty well!

  14. so glad i'm not the only one who thought that!!! i just watched the movie this past weekend & like it a lot! :) did you read the "Four" book with the stories from Tobias perspective? i'm reading that now. it's pretty interesting but you don't learn anything too shocking!

  15. I haven't read them yet - I think I was too mad that Tobias was narrating at the end of Allegiant so I wrote them off haha - but I'll have to give them a shot! No matter what, the stories are definitely interesting and I'd like to see them from his perspective.

  16. I had an eh week, but I'm SO glad it's the weekend! I love your blog, and I really want to see the Giver, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  17. Ah, I know what you mean about not being able to check personal email at work. My email isn't blocked at work, I'm just not near my computer until around 4 or 5 pm. Ugh! At my previous school, I just seemed to have a lot of extra time to check personal email throughout the day, so it's been a huge adjustment for me too! i feel your pain!

  18. it is a huge adjustment! glad someone else can relate!! i am so horrible at keeping up with it now! not enough hours in the day!