Monday, September 15, 2014

week recap

- the new building that our church is meeting in, is actually a dance hall! there are mirrors lining the walls, so when we set up on Sundays we put pipe & drape to cover up the mirrors & make divider walls. there are also two huge lamps & one is right behind the stage. the random lamppost makes me think of Narnia! our pastor bought a string of lights & put them up behind the lamp so it is a cozy feel.

- i have been on a huge chai tea kick lately! i justify it by saying that it is much healthier than most of those flavored coffee drinks! unfortunately, it is still pretty expensive from cafes or coffee shops. so we buy Oregon Chai concentrate in the grocery store & mix with almond milk to make our own chai at home! it helps cut down on the costs & it's just as delicious!

- i love that pumpkins are in stores now! we bought a miniature little pumpkin the other day for our house! Trader Joe's has tiger stripe pumpkins for $1 and mini white pumpkins for 69¢ so we stocked up last year & will this year as well! i love white pumpkins better than orange! :) i love painting pumpkins more than carving them, so this year we are going to paint some fun designs on our pumpkins!

- it has been a rough week dealing with some unknowns. work & life outside of work have been pretty stressful. it seems that everything hits at once. but it is refreshing to know that we don't have to handle things in our own strength. God will fight battles for us & we need only trust Him. i have also been getting outside during my lunch breaks & the extra sunshine and exercise is helping to keep the stress at bay.

- walks during lunch break
- cool mornings & the signs of fall
- having a bunny around the house
- having time to read for fun
- lunch dates with friends

- these felt cat succulent planters are too adorable!
- thanks to Amy, i now know that this Ron Weasley bookmark exists!
- this fox ornament would look great on my Christmas tree!
- this feather ring is just cute!

- to the one who is tired of trying, i needed to read that this week & maybe you do too
- a challenge to be brave & live up to your potential, which i need to be reminded of constantly
- it is good to remember that today i can choose to slow down, give grace, be thankful, etc. every day is a choice!
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how was your week?!


  1. I love that bit about the Narnia lamp post at church. Ha! Also I have been on a huge chai kick too, and I tell myself it's a better choice than the PSL even though I haven't actually looked up the ingredients. Also, I love your round up of favorites - making time to read for fun is at the top of my fall bucket list! Have a great week!

  2. that lampost is so dang cool!
    and i am in love with chai tea lattes, i drink them ALL THE TIME and the ones i drink are 99% made at home with that same brand! :)
    ::hugs:: friend, i'm not sure what all is going on, but continue to remind yourself that God is in control!
    (also i'm jealous that y'all have signs of fall, i want it so badly!)

  3. Love the church look! I still am in denial it's fall, but love that you found those pumpkins for a great price!!! I'm not quite in fall mode yet ;)

  4. Your chai recipe sounds delicious and much more affordable than my current chai addiction - I will have to give that a try since I love chai too! Will pray that God guides you through the unknowns that are clouding life right now - and I'm so glad you're taking advantage of some time in nature and in the sunshine. Some of my best conversations with God happen when I am walking outside soaking up the sun.

  5. I get on chai kicks during the colder months myself...
    Someone told me to put pumpkin in it.. I'm intrigued to try it.

  6. I love Oregon Spice chai tea!!! (The coffee shop I worked in always used that brand....So, why pay more?!?!?)

    I'm sorry that the unknowns have got you down! I'll pray for clarity and hope/rest in God for you! :)

  7. haha! it does remind me of Narnia :) chai has got to be better than PSL's! got to be! so keep on justifying :) i am right there with you! i hope you had a great week - yay for almost friday!

  8. so awesome! i found Oregon Chai randomly at walmart during college & i am hooked! i make one pretty much every day haha!

    thank you so much! :) He definitely is in control & thank God (haha) for that!! i hope the cooler weather is headed your way!!! :)

  9. haha i have seen lots of people say that so you are not alone! i am ready for the cooler weather but i wish fall would last a little longer because i do not enjoy winter!

  10. it cuts down on costs so much & it is just as good!! the almond milk is an acquired taste - we just use that b/c i can't have regular milk. but i bet real milk with the concentrate would rock! thank you for your prayers friend, i appreciate it! yes! i love having the time to walk and just think and talk to God! and forget about everything else for the time being! :)

  11. hmm that sounds good! i may have to try that next time i make one! yum!!

  12. so neat!!! i found it during college & it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! haha! :) but really, i love it!

    thank you for your prayers! i really appreciate it! :)

  13. You are very welcome, Robyn!!! I'd love to hear more about how you're doing and things...Send me an e-mail sometime!