Wednesday, October 01, 2014

project 12 // 09

project 12 was birthed by Amanda at The Lady Okie & this looked like too much fun not to join in! you take a picture of you & your spouse at the beginning of each month, then you post a short recap of your month. at the end of the year, you have these 12 posts to look back on & remember all the little things that happened throughout your year!

i love this idea so much because this is why i blog! i love looking back on my life & remembering the details. if you missed prior months, you can find them here:
January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August

September is my favorite month! i love that faint chill in the air & the signs that my favorite season is upon us! the first half of the month, Thomas had a few medical things going on & the doctor visits kept him busy. he started feeling better at the end & we were able to get out and hike a few times! fall means getting outside more & i love it!


September 20 / picnic & hiking
September 22 / our first date-versary (we recreate it each year)
September 27 / Rainbow Falls hike
September 28 / pumpkin patch

September 7 / church plant public launch & lunch with both sets of parents
September 28 / birthdays (mine & my father-in-law's)

September 1 / low country boil at my parents house
September 5 / Thomas ER & dinner with my parent-in-laws
September 13 / lunch with Jenna
September 19-20 / girls night at Jenna's

Thomas / The Cost of Discipleship
Robyn / Allegiant & Harry Potter 1 (finished) - Harry Potter 2 (started)

|favorite blog posts|
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30 things that i really love
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september 22 | the first date
fall favorites
i'm a very handsome moose

what is your favorite highlight from September?


  1. I think my favorite highlight from your blog this past month was the recap of your date-versary. I just think that's the sweetest idea ever! Happy October :)

  2. What a fun month! Y'all keep busy - hope you had a great birthday!

  3. How was The Cost of Discipleship? (And sorry if you blogged about it and I missed it!) Also how did I not realize our birthdays are 8 days apart?! my September highlight was turning 23, which I just realized I never blogged about haha

  4. I love this idea--you'll always remember little things because of it!

  5. aww thanks! it is my favorite part about starting off fall :) happy october to you!

  6. for sure! i love fall because it means tons of hiking :)

  7. Thomas is actually reading it right now, but i plan to when he's done! :)

    haha well happy birthday!!! mine is in august, but we celebrated it with his dad's which is sep 29! so i just waited a month haha!

  8. you're right Chelsea! :) i'm going to print them out at the end of each year!

  9. thanks! :) i haven't, but i plan to when Thomas is done!! he is really liking it so far, still working on it! deep stuff! :)

  10. It's definitely a book that I would plan to take my time on!

  11. Cute picture :) Happy October! Can yo believe we're almost done with these recap posts? I am going to continue into 2015, though. I think they're the perfect way to recap the month. Thanks for doing this with me this year! You're the best.

  12. whoa. just now seeing this comment! i'm down on my blog game. i can't believe we're almost done (now even one month closer!) i love them! even when i slow down on blogging... which i feel is coming.... these will still be posts i can put together and have to remember these years by! :) thanks for coming up with the idea & letting me do it with you!!