Monday, October 06, 2014

week recap

- last week at work was month end & this week is quarter end, so my brain is pretty much dead by now. accounting is not for the faint of heart! ;)

- on Saturday we were supposed to go with Thomas's family to a corn maze in town. plans ended up changing, but we still went because it sounded like fun. we did a hay ride, fed cows, picked a pumpkin, and beasted the corn maze! it was another great fall saturday!

- the Renew blog retreat is less than two weeks away! i am so excited about hanging out in the mountains with some pretty awesome blog ladies!

- on weeks like these, i think life would be a lot less stressful if laundry, dish washing, grocery shopping, balancing the check book, etc. weren't necessary! #nobodygottimeforthat

- tiny succulents
- finding a rock that looks like South Carolina
- multi colored pumpkins
- October, just in general
- Albus cuddles
- $1 VHS tapes (we still have a VCR!)
- chai tea runs at the local coffee shop

love these thoughts about when God asks you to wait.
- waiting is not a stop, waiting is a movement!
- steeping is part of the process


how was your week?!


  1. I've started my chai tea kick for the fall :)

  2. omg. you have a vcr. i'm actually laughing, i don't even know why. you are amazing.
    && thanks for linking up to my blogs. you have no idea how excited it made me to see that. :) looks like you connected a lot with the idea of "waiting."

  3. I love October too- the corn maze sounds so much fun! Hope you enjoy the rest of your month!

  4. so, so good! i make them at home with a concentrate so i drink them pretty frequently! i never thought of them as a "fall" thing b/c i drink them year round, but they are more satisfying with that chill in the air! :)

  5. hahaha! the first time i went to tell someone that i couldn't even remember what it was called! i was like "yeah we have a VHS player..." ha!

    oh yes! i think i've read every single post of yours about waiting and i'm just sitting here shaking my head! such good reminders! :) everyone is always waiting on something!!

  6. it's the best month!! :) thank you! i hope you enjoy your October!! :)

  7. i am SO excited for the retreat!
    and i love love love that you found a SC shaped rock that is so dang cool!

  8. me too! me too! i can't believe it's only 10 days away!
    right?! Thomas just picked it up and was like "this looks like SC" and then we took it home and compared it to a map of SC and it is almost the EXACT shape! crazy!!

  9. Yay! For your plans last Saturday - that sounds like the perfect day! :)

    I can't wait to hear about the Renew retreat! I'm so excited for all of you!!!

    I love the rock, the pumpkins, October, bargains, and chai tea too!

  10. I was wondering why shops still sold VHS tapes...must be for people like you guys! :P My family hasn't had a vcr since we moved to Malaysia, 10 years ago.

  11. Girl, I am with you. I mean, who needs balanced checkbooks and clean laundry anyways??!?

  12. it was a great fall day! :) i would love to do that every Saturday! :)

    thanks!!! i am excited about the retreat! :) wish you were coming!!

  13. hahaha! yes! for people like us! :) we actually find some pretty awesome movies - i guess cause no one else is picking them over! :)

  14. I love catching up with your week, Robyn. I also love that you have a VCR still. My mum kept a lot of our disney video tapes but unfortunately we have nowhere to play them for my newphew x

  15. You're going to have so much fun on that blog retreat! Lucky you!

  16. I can't wait to meet you this weekend! I can't believe it's already here!

  17. i am so excited about it!!! wish you could come!

  18. it came up fast! i'm glad though b/c i'm super excited! :)