Monday, October 13, 2014

week recap

- at the start of the week, it got cold enough to wear scarves in the morning & have the fire on at night! although i am not ready for winter at all, the chill is welcome for now!

- one of my favorite things about coming home after a long day of work or adventure, is having pets around the house! there is something so wonderful about coming home to a little animal that has nothing but love to give you! (although 3 pets is a little much at times!)

- we do our Christmas shopping all year round so it doesn't hit the bank all at once. we got a lot of gifts in September, and ended up finishing all of our shopping this weekend! we hit the jackpot on great deals & i love that we have all of our Christmas shopping done already!

- on Saturday we went to a pumpkin festival in a little town nearby. it's basically food, games, and crafts. this is our second year going & we love finding little unique crafts!

- cold mornings
- nights by the fire
- new books
- pumpkin festival
- slow saturday mornings
- thrifting

- Samantha's analogy about hiking & taking one step at a time in life is so great!
- you are loved. you are enough. you are worth something.
- with the holidays coming up, these DIY washi tape tags are the perfect little addition to gifts!
- be careful with your words. great thought to remember!


how was your week?!


  1. girl i don't even know how we managed this! we basically had deals thrown at us that fit exactly each person we were shopping for! i am glad though b/c that takes away some of the stress of the holidays! having ideas is 90% of the battle, so you got this!!

  2. Love that you are finished with Christmas shopping!

  3. Way to go with the Christmas shopping!!! I dream of that happening, but I never actually get it done THIS early. :) Someday? I hope so!

    Enjoy that cooler weather and the fires! I've been COLD so I pulled out my sweaters on Friday and I've been working my little space heater to death.

  4. it kinda just happened & i'm very glad it did! takes away a lot of stress from the holiday season! :)

  5. we pick up things throughout the year & stockpile! then start looking in September for the things we haven't found yet! it's kinda fun to always be on the hunt for a unique gift for each person!

    i am not ready for the cold weather, but i'm enjoying the slight chill :) haha that sounds like me in the winter!! we have space heaters all over our house!

  6. Love the pic of you inside that pumpkin house! So adorable! I want to go to a pumpkin festival!!!

  7. You're geniuses, I tell ya!

    ~ Victoria

  8. that pumpkin house was the coolest thing! :)