Monday, November 17, 2014

halloween yurting

this year for halloween, we went camping. glamping, actually. we stayed in the same yurt we stayed in for my birthday in August. when we went before, we were only there for 1 night and it was a rushed trip, so we came back for an entire weekend. i wanted to try a different one (closer to the bath house) but Thomas loved the view from this yurt. it really does have the best view of them all because it's on the side of a hill overlooking the lake.

the reason we went away for halloween weekend is because we don't get trick-or-treaters. we don't live in a neighborhood. we actually live on a very busy, curvy road. our house sits up on a hill behind trees and looks spooky in the dark. (i wouldn't let my child go up & get candy from our house either!) so we decided to go camping on Halloween weekend & it just may become a tradition while we live in this house! 

when we went in August, it was in the 90s so we decided that we would come back in the fall when the weather was cooler. little did we know it would snow on Halloween this year! that is super early for these parts. so it was in the 30s while we were there and it was so cold. the cool thing about a yurt is that you have electricity so we were able to plug in a heater! we slept in sleeping bags, double layer pajamas, under 3 layers of comforters! so it was an adventure :)

friday we drove up to the yurt and stopped at Fontana Dam on the way there. it's the biggest dam this side of the Mississippi and it was really neat but freaky to see! when we woke up Saturday morning, there was about an inch of snow on the ground. by mid-morning it had melted though and the roads were completely fine. it actually snowed lightly all day on Saturday, but nothing stuck. we spent the day exploring Bryson City & then hung out in the yurt reading that night. Sunday we checked out and went to Chimney Rock on the way home. 

we made the mistake of not eating lunch before Chimney Rock. Thomas knew there was a restaurant on the top of Chimney Rock so we hiked up to the top. it's not really a hike, though, it's just stairs. tons of stairs. about 300-400 stairs all the way up the rock. we had to stop a few times and we were SO hungry when we got to the top. only to find out the "restaurant" is pizza and hot dogs. so we came back down & found real food to eat for lunch in the town. always an adventure! 


  1. A little yurt camp... How cute! I'm so glad you two got to go back and experience the fun in a whole new season. The yurt must have been so cozy in the snow :)

  2. I saw some pictures on Facebook of a friend who stayed in a Yurt! I absolutely love it! Bryson City isn't toooo far from me--maybe I can get my husband to go for our anniversary next year! We honeymooned in a cabin in Asheville, but that looks way nicer! Haha

  3. that is so freaking cool!! it looks so cozy :)

  4. i'm so glad you posted the camping trip--i was starting to think i missed it! :D the pictures look AMAZING (because it's beautiful scenery and you shot such awesome pictures. seriously girl. photo skills.) makes me want to go fall-winter camping!

  5. Love it. That pumpkin looks as though someone took a taser to it. And I love glamping!!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! i forgot i was waiting on this post haha. i remember all of your social media snips from that weekend and i LOVED them!
    YAY sooo beautiful!