Thursday, November 06, 2014

so you wanna be an accountant....

before you skip this post, i realize that no one reading this actually wants to be an accountant. and really, this post doesn't have anything to do with actual accounting, so the title is misleading, however catchy it may be.

if you didn't already know, i work in accounting. every time i tell someone that i get the question "so, will you do my taxes?" so here's a disclaimer - i hate doing taxes! i don't actually do taxes for my job, and i dread income tax time. i use TurboTax to file my income taxes and fully recommend it - unless you have a lot of complicated things on your return. when in doubt, i would definitely recommend you to go to a CPA! that was a little off topic, but there you go.

one of my accounting professors in college would spit out his own little "proverbs" during class. (some are actually from Proverbs) he let you write them down & memorize them to get extra points on tests. i think he mainly did this because he taught at such a high level that his test grades were horrible. but it was entertaining either way & pretty good advice. so, today i'm going to share some of my favorite ones with you.

stay away from cherry tomatoes on business interviews & dates
[his reason being you might go to cut it and either squirt juice on the other person or the tomato will go flying across the table - he's speaking from experience]

your greatest ability is dependability.

the difference in loving your job & hating your job is whether you can choose to be there or not.

80-10-10 is the key to becoming financially independent.
[give 10% to God. invest 10%. and live off the 80%]

if it's free then you can't afford it.
[ex. healthcare reform]

that which is easily gotten is quickly despised.

you can choose your sin but you can't choose your consequences.

[this was based off of the Tiger Woods scandal of '09]

a little sleep, a little folding of the hands, and poverty will strike you like a bandit in the night.
[Proverbs 24:33-34; Proverbs 6:10-11]

it is just as important to know how to live as it is to know how to make a living.

you get the job when you walk through the door, after that all you can do is lose it.

the best predictor of the future is the past.

the most important financial decision you will make in life is the person you marry.
[that's sound advice.]

never loan that which you cannot afford to give.

on a first date, take her to an italian restaurant.
[he says this increases your probability of success. haha]

the best place to take a stand is the place of first contact.

plans fail for lack of advisors.
[Proverbs 15:22]

trend is your friend.

buying stock is buying future earnings.

the biggest enemy of business is uncertainty.

time is your greatest ally to becoming financially independent.

when a guy asks you to marry him, ask to see his credit report.

there are two ways to make money:
1. work really hard
2. invest, read, and take Mr. Good's tax class

the biggest reason people lose their job is because they don't get along with their fellow employees.

graduates should leave here and become young champions for Christ.

don't settle for a hot dog when you can have steak.

the goal of a graduate is to become financially independent.

the less people look like angels, the more laws we need.

the more people look like angels, the more laws we need.

if you want a greater reward, you must take a greater risk.

the purpose of insurance is to protect yourself against a loss you can't afford to sustain on your own.

so, just let this show that some accountants do have a sense of humor & pretty solid advice to boot!


  1. As a finance major, currently working in IT (eek!) I fully appreciated this :)

  2. that first one had me laughing! :)
    great list of advice!
    "if you want a greater reward, you must take a great risk" PREACH!

  3. What a wise man!!! Tell me you had those all written down somewhere?!?!? If you pulled them all out of your head, you are amazing! :)

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. This man needs to write a book - those are amazing!!!

  5. Haha, I love these! Some are really great and profound, and others are just hilarious :) I love the cherry tomato tip!

  6. These are so great! The one about the biggest financial decision you'll ever make is who you marry.... I've never heard that but man is that the truth! The funny thing is is that I actually clicked on your post because I've always thought being an accountant would maybe be fun- so I was in the 0.0001% that actually kinda WOULD want to be an accountant! Great post!

  7. I have to admit...I almost skipped over this post because of the title. I was like, uh, no. I do not want to be an accountant...but I have a friend who is an accountant so maybe I should read it! ha! Anyways, there are some pretty solid little proverbs in there! I really liked this one: "when a guy asks you to marry him, ask to see his credit report." haha

  8. That's all so great! Both of my parents are CPAs, although neither works as one. Their financial sensibilities never rubbed off on me...

  9. these are all so funny! so glad you shared them. my favorite is the more/less looking like angels one. :) also my husband is the one who handles the finances because i'm kinda scatterbrained in paying bills on time (and also a serious pennypincher scrooge). i'll make sure to pass along these tidbits to my CFO ;)

  10. i was wondering that, too, victoria! robyn, did you still have all of these memorized?!

  11. ah!!! nerds unite! :) so glad you loved this!!! :)

  12. haha! that was always my favorite one! i wrote it on every test!!

  13. haha! now i have a good memory... but that is stretching it! ;) i do have about 5-10 memorized though!!

  14. yes! i definitely had them all written down! ;) i know a few by heart but i definitely didn't remember them all! that WOULD be amazing!!

  15. yes! i love the diversity :) the cherry tomato one is my favorite!! i tell people that all the time!

  16. that was one of the most profound ones to me! because it is SO TRUE!!

    haha! well that is really neat! i work in accounting now & love it! :)

  17. haha well i wouldn't blame you! ;) i love the ask to see his credit report one! i tell people that one all the time when they get engaged! ha!

  18. oh wow! that is neat that both of them are CPAs!! :)

  19. thanks! i like that some are profound & some are just funny! :) haha please pass on to your CFO!!!

  20. This is good advice although... sometimes I want a hot dog. Because they're delicious! haha :)

  21. hahaha! well sometimes you just gotta! :)