Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 | a year in review

i started blogging consistently in September 2013, so this was my first full year blog journey & i love having all the little moments of this past year to look back on! i joined in with Amanda doing Project 12 - a recap post & picture each month of the year. i love having the small details of each month all in one place! Thomas & i also did a passport to fun date each month to a different part of the world & had a blast with creating these dates! so here's a look back to this past year & a look forward to 2015! 

project 12 | 01 & passport to fun | Paris
- i was super excited starting 2014 because it is my first full year as Mrs. Black! i don't really do resolutions, but i chose BALANCE as my word for 2014.  
- Thomas & i built a custom coffee table out of an old window from our house!
- we cooked a few delicious & healthy meals!
- i discussed the importance of keeping scripture close & shared my dagger list.

project 12 | 02 & passport to fun | Tokyo
- i thought a lot about what it means to be brave.
- Thomas & i finished our first whole 30 together & reflected on the journey.
- i introduced our sweet little dogs to the blog world!
- this blog got a name change! Robyn's Nest was born in an attempt to make this place uniquely me!
- i discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to social media.
- i revisited my word for the year & gave an update on what balance means to me.
- i introduced Darby Smart - a company that sends DIY boxes straight to your door!
- i made a few customized frames as birthday gifts!
- Thomas & i signed up for our first 5k & i talked about the reasons why we signed up!
- i participated in the spring fever etsy swap reveal!
- the church plant Thomas & i are a part of had their first sunday service!
- i shared our spicy black bean burger recipe that we love!

project 12 | 05 & passport to fun | London
- i finished documenting our little farmhouse so we will always have pictures & memories of the first house we lived in as husband & wife!
- i tried my hand at a little short fiction piece!
- Thomas & i made some mini terrariums to hang on our fridge!
- i reflected back on the first year of our marriage including all of the awesome & crazy things that happened!
- i made a coffee table tray out of leftover fabric from our curtains!
- i shared some tips on how i make it through the 9 hour work day in an office job!
- we started doing meal prep on the weekends to save time on week nights!
- Thomas & i ran our first 5k and did well (for us) considering we didn't finish training.
- i introduced our woodland pet that lives under our barn.
- we got a pet bunny named Albus!
- i made a DIY engagement gift for my friend who got engaged.
- i did some thinking about what it means to be a wholehearted wife.
- i also reflected on my tattoos & the reasons why i have them.
- i shared a peek of what i carry around in my bag daily!
- i helped host a bridal shower for my friend & had a lot of fun decorating!
- i took a look at our go-to weeknight meals which are quick & healthy!
- i realized that life is messy & i am okay with that! also, that being vulnerable is the key to growth!
- i sent some fun snail mail to my friend who lives in Russia!
- i shared some of our funniest & best marriage advice we got!
- i shared the 7 arrows of Bible reading that my pastor came up with.
- Thomas & i tried out some new (to us) restaurants around town!
- i reflected on a few of my favorite things about fall & had a fun autumn afternoon!
- Thomas & i re-created our first date like we do each year!
- i shared 30 things that make me smile!
- Thomas & i did a hay ride and corn maze at a local farm!
- i went on the Renew Retreat & had an amazing weekend getting to know so awesome ladies!
- i reflected on what it means to be lovely & the big picture in life.
- i shared my new love of stencils & a new recipe that we love!
- Thomas & i went yurting over halloween weekend.
- i reflected back on some great snips of advice i learned in college.
- i learned i need to slow down & be intentional in order to hear God's voice.
- i reflected on the past year & concluded there is always something to be thankful for.

project 12 & passport to fun will post in January!
- i made holiday tea lights for my coworkers for Christmas.
- i discussed how we do all of our Christmas shopping early & what a blessing that was this year!
- Thomas & i made little candy penguins out of marshmallows & gum drops!
- we went to a house in our city that timed their lights to the Trans Siberian Orchestra!
- we reflected on how He is with us during this advent season & i tried my hand at a little creative writing!
- for Christmas, i gave Thomas the gratitude journal i had secretly been keeping about him.

happy new year friends! 
what were some of your favorite moments from 2014?


  1. You had a great year. I really like the passport to fun. Have a great New Year.

  2. when you look back, doesn't it seem like it goes so fast?
    Happy new year!

  3. It looks like you had a great year! I'm so glad I got to meet you! Happy New Year!

  4. I hope 2015 is your best year yet!!!

  5. I love the idea of your gratitude journal. This is something I might have to do in 2015! Happy new year to you :)

  6. Have a blessed year 2015! I'm glad you blog :)

  7. the passport to fun dates were really fun! :) i am going to miss them this year! :) i hope you have a great 2015!!

  8. SO FAST! i can't believe 2014 is already gone! it was a blur! happy new year!

  9. i'm glad i got to meet you too! :) happy new year friend!

  10. thank you! i hope 2015 is awesome for you as a family of three!!

  11. i am brainstorming ways of doing different gratitude journals in different seasons! :) happy new year!

  12. thank you! i'm glad you do! happy new year!

  13. Happy 2015, Robyn! Looks like 2014 was a great year! I love looking at people's year in review posts, they are so much fun. Can't wait to see what happens in 2015! :)

  14. What a great roundup of your year! The passport idea is super awesome. Love it.

  15. looks like a great year Robyn!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  16. You have accomplished so much this past year! Thanks for sharing this awesome overview!

  17. it was a great year & a packed one! how did i do all of that stuff in just 1 year?! crazy to look back on! :) i hope you have a great 2015, Jess! :)

  18. i have loved doing the passport dates! we just may do 12 more places in 2016! :)

  19. thanks Laura! :) it's cool to look back on an entire year and see how much you've done! :)

  20. it's cool to compile everything & see what all you've done! it flew by so fast & no wonder!! :) thanks Stacia!

  21. Hey there! I'm visiting from the Oak + Oats link-up. I love the format of this post! I just might have to steal it next year. ;)