Monday, December 01, 2014

DIY | holiday tea light

do you do Christmas gifts for your coworkers? i do! if you think about it... the people you work with are the ones that you see the most! you are with them 40 hours a week which equates to 2,080 hours a year give or take a few weeks for vacation! that is a lot of hours together! so i like to do a little something at Christmas for the people who have seen me on my best days & my worst days... and still tolerate me! :)

i love hand making gifts, but i have a few criteria that any gift ideas have to meet: 
o1 materials are cost efficient (so i can make a lot of the same thing)
o2 the creative process is time efficient (so i don't rush through making them)
o3 it's something that each person will enjoy (since there are a variety of personalities)

last year there were only 5 of us in the entire department so it was very doable to make each gift. check out the adorable snowmen hot chocolate i made last year HERE! this year, however, our department is a total of 12 people. that is almost triple! so i had to come up with something that would work for a large number of people. 4 of the 12 are guys so i am doing something different for them, but for the 8 women i came up with a simple but cute holiday tea light!

i'm not sure what colors everyone uses in their home, so i went with silver, gold, and white. these colors are classic & look great with any and all decor. plus, the silver and gold are great Christmas colors... BUT they are not only Christmas colors. i like giving gifts that can be used in any season & these tea lights can be displayed year round!

materials needed:
glass mason jars
tea lights
floral gems
jingle bells
twine or ribbon

step 1 mix the floral gems & jingle bells in the jar - fill it half full (or completely full... whichever look you prefer best)

step 2 dig out a small dip & place tea light into the dip

step 3 wrap twine around the top of the jar & tie into a bow

step 4 (optional) embellish with a fabric flower on the front

do you give gifts to your coworkers?
if so, what are your favorite gifts to give?


  1. So cute. I'd be afraid of a real candle in that though... my husband has rubbed off on me. But a cute little battery candle would be fantastic.

  2. You are so crafty!!! I was wondering what you were going to do with all of those flowers you made the other day. This is perfect!

  3. this is adorable! and i love that it's relatively simple (unlike some pretty gaudy decorations i made when we first got married...).

  4. This is so cute and such a great idea for co-workers! I'm going to have to start this year for at least my girl coworkers. The boy ones may be a little harder... :)

  5. we haven't had any issues with the flame! but i totally understand! :) we hardly ever burn it... it's just as pretty unlit! :) and a battery tealight would be wonderful!!

  6. i love simple crafts! :) thanks Ladonna!

  7. yes! it is super easy to make & i think everyone will really like it! it's just pretty & festive! :)

  8. i got a little addicted to making those flowers & made a whole bunch! ha! but i've been using them for this, wreaths, cards, and gift wrap! :)

  9. haha well i normally make gaudy stuff too! so i've learned to keep things simple and that doesn't happen! :) the less, the better!

  10. thanks Gennie! :) the boy ones are SO HARD! especially because they are both pretty new... so i have no idea what they like! and boys are hard to shop for anyways!! good luck!! :)

  11. That is so cute and so simple! Your co-workers will love those.

  12. thanks! i enjoyed giving them out! :)