Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mary's Christmas | a poem

this year, i wanted to reflect on the Christmas story in a deeper way than just reading the accounts in Matthew & Luke. i decided to slow down to journal & write. this is the outcome... a poem from Mary's point of view on that first Christmas. enjoy!

my sweet Joseph is just, he has always been fair
but he wasn't with me when i saw the angel standing there
i don't blame him for not believing
i don't blame him for thinking of leaving
but i wish i could make him see,
that the Lord has chosen me.

my sweet Joseph has had a dream
an angel visited him, as they did me
all is clear now, all is right
i am still to be his wife
we both understand, yes we both see
this baby is bigger than Joseph or me

we're on our way to Bethlehem
riding a not-so-noble steed
we're on our way to David's town
for a census that Caesar decreed
when we arrive we're told there's no room in the inn
so the stables are where we settle in

it's far from a silent night
but oh, what a wondrous sight
he looks so little, he looks so frail
i wish that he could be all mine
but i know he is bigger than that
this child is divine, this child is Thine

i can scarcely take it in
this child, this Savior, this King
the son of God born in a stable
though on a throne he should have been
and he's sleeping in this manger now
because there was no room in the inn