Wednesday, December 10, 2014

nailed it | DIY marshmallow penguins

one thing that i've been trying to do is add some craft books to my bookshelf. i love making things but a lot of times i have no idea where to start. looking through craft books help me see tangible ideas & then i build on the ideas from there. Candy Aisle Crafts is a book that shows you how to make adorable crafts out of everyday items on the store shelf. these are inexpensive crafts that are fairly simple to put together but the cuteness is unmatched!

last week, Thomas & i tried our hands at making these little penguins. we are keeping our Christmas decor very low key this year, so i figured some cute little penguins in the kitchen would work great! neither of us like marshmallows so we won't be tempted to eat them! :)

you know how sometimes you find a really awesome craft on pinterest & you try your hand at it? and sometimes it really doesn't come out looking like the picture on pinterest? instead of a cute Olaf cake pop... yours kinda resemble scary redneck snowmen? well, that is precisely what happened to Thomas & i when we tried to make these penguins! you know, the "nailed it" syndrome! you can laugh all you want at our penguins, because we sure did!

there are so many cute ideas in this book & we can't wait to make more! (even if they look scary like these penguins!) these crafts are very simple & great to do with kids! we don't have kids, but we have a nephew that will be 3 this year & another nephew on the way! so we are excited to make some of these crafts with them when they are a little older! 

materials needed
1 regular sized marshmallow
2 black gumdrops (we couldn't find black so we used purple)
1 orange gumdrop
black nonpareils (we used white pearls)

o1 cut a sliver off the top & a triangle out of both sides of the marshmallow 

o2 cut 2 sides off one of the black gumdrops for the wings

o3 cut a triangle out of the orange gumdrop for the beak

o4 stick the black gumdrop on top of the marshmallow & the wings onto the sides.

o5 use the toothpick to poke holes for the eyes, stick the nonpareils into the holes, & stick on the beak

i received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for review purposes. regardless, all opinions are my own.

have you ever had a "nailed it" moment?


  1. Very cute. My girls would love to make theses.

  2. Look at you!!! Those are so cute! You need to make a penguin village :)

  3. i thought about it!! :) they have polar bear & seal marshmallow tutorials in there... so i thought about making a whole gang!! :)

  4. they are SO simple - so a perfect kids craft!! if you guys make them - let me know how they turned out!!

  5. These are adorable! My daughter would LOVE making these! And I'm glad you used purple. I think black gumdrops taste like yuck!

  6. the black are really gross!! we went to 4 different stores & couldn't find them so settled on purple!! :) i hope you & your daughter make them and have so much fun!!!

  7. haha! your mouth can hug them as you eat them!! the candy is kinda a gross combo... but more power to ya! :)

  8. Bwahahaha. Okay, you had me hooked as soon as you said they turned out scary. They turned out awesome! And purple gumdrops taste better than black ones, anyways!

  9. such a fun idea -- i'm sending you a picture of something similar!!

  10. that s'more guitar player is SO cute!!! :) i want to make one now!!

  11. haha! they look pretty scary compared to the picture in the book.... BUT they are actually kinda cute by themselves! :)

  12. haha thanks! :) they look good by themselves, but not when you compare to the book! lol purple for the win!!