Thursday, January 08, 2015

a Gatlinburg Christmas

Thomas's family normally takes a trip to Gatlinburg, TN the few days before Christmas each year. this year was the first year i was able to go though! the year we started dating, we had only been on 3 dates & i hadn't even met his parents yet, so it would have been awkward to go on his family trip. the last two years, we've traveled to Aiken to see my grandma on the weekend, and neither of us had any extra time off on week days.

this year, instead of going on week days, they went on a weekend so we were able to go! Thomas still had to work Christmas Eve this year (& the day after Christmas), so it was nice to have a weekend getaway! the family drove up on Saturday and stayed through Monday, but since we had to work Monday we drove up on Friday and left on Sunday. i had never been to Gatlinburg at Christmas time, so i was excited & it was magical!

we hit a lot of traffic driving up friday after work, so we didn't get there until late. but we drove around looking at all of the lights then played a round of Mad Gab before going to sleep. Saturday morning we woke up early & Thomas took me to the Ripley's Aquarium as my Christmas gift! it was so much fun & i took so many pictures that the aquarium warrants it's own post! it was super fun though & we were able to interact with some animals so that was neat!

after the aquarium we walked down the main street in Gatlinburg & did a wine tasting at Sugarland Cellars. we took a nap that afternoon, then met up with his family and went out for dinner. after dinner, we walked around this new place called The Island that has a ferris wheel & lots of shops! Thomas & i played some skee ball at the arcade & that was a lot of fun!

Sunday we all went to the Apple Barn for breakfast & then walked around a few shops. Thomas & i ended up going back to Gatlinburg because we wanted to walk through The Village & have some more time looking through the shops. after that, it was time to hit the road so we said our goodbyes & headed home. it was a very quick weekend, but it was really fun! we were able to pack a lot in without completely wearing ourselves out before work on Monday! if you ever get the chance to hang out in Gatlinburg for Christmas... do it!

does your family take an annual Christmas trip anywhere?
have you ever been to Gatlinburg for christmas?


  1. When we were driving to Asheville (a couple days after Thanksgiving) we saw tons of traffic at the ramp for Gatlinburg, so I imagine lots of people were going there for the celebrations. :) We briefly considered checking out Dollywood because the Christmas celebrations there are supposed to be fun, but we didn't have enough time. Sounds like a fun family outing though.

  2. It looked like you had a wonderful time. I love the phone booth and the sled.

  3. I love Gatlinburg posts because I know exactly where you're at in all of the pics :)
    THE APPLE BARN!!! Love that place!

  4. it's so pretty - i know what it's so crowded!! :) it was fun though & i definitely want to go back at Christmas time again!

  5. thanks Sara! it was a lot of fun! :)

  6. i loved that sled too! we walked by a few times then i had to get a picture! & that photobooth... i get a picture in every time i'm in Gatlinburg! we used to go there as a kid & i was obsessed with anything from England so i loved discovering the photo booth!

  7. yes! you can't go to Gatlinburg & not go to the apple barn! :)