Wednesday, January 14, 2015

passport to fun | Beijing

in December, passport to fun took us to Beijing, China! it actually worked out perfect that i planned our China date for December. i've been wanting to create a random Christmas tradition for our family of two for a while. so on Christmas Day when we didn't feel like eating leftovers, we got Chinese takeout on the way home & it was perfect!

it's actually funny because we didn't have a traditional Christmas dinner this year! my family does a Mexican themed Christmas dinner every year with stacked enchiladas. Thomas's family had a cajun themed dinner with Jambalaya this year. then we had Chinese takeout for our Christmas dinner. i actually prefer the variety because i don't like ham & my turkey quota for the year was met at Thanksgiving! 

we both got General Tso's chicken, egg rolls, and spring rolls! we ended up having so much food left over that it was a total of 5 meals! it came in handy because after all of the running around for Christmas get togethers, the last thing we wanted to do was cook!


i can't believe that we are finished with our year of passport to fun dates! it's been such a fun year getting creative & exploring different cultures! catch up on all of our 2014 passport to fun dates below!

January - Paris, France
February - Tokyo, Japan
March - Dublin, Ireland
April - Mexico City, Mexico
May - London, England
June - Rome, Italy
July - Ghanzi, Botswana
August - Bangkok, Thailand
September - Athens, Greece
October - Munich, Germany
November - Moscow, Russia
December - Beijing, China

what country do you want to travel to the most?


  1. Angel was recently saying he was in the mood for some of that "General Tso's" or "Orange Chicken"...which, although quite delicious, is not to be found here. :) Sounds like you had all kinds of tasty food for your Christmas!

  2. haha i bet not! they had to American-ize it here i guess! what was Christmas dinner like for you guys this year?!

  3. me too! i probably wouldn't like the real thing as much, but i am a*ok with the American version! :)

  4. We went to a fancy banquet provided for the foreign teachers in our city on Christmas eve--many courses of all sorts of dishes, mostly the Chinese version of western food (which is not actually the same as American food) :) It was delicious.

  5. oh my gosh!!! i can't believe the year is over -- i've loved seeing how creative you've been with these dates! and way to go for doing them all… most people would have had a hard time keeping up with it each month. you're awesome!

  6. thanks! it was such a fun experience to do these all year! it was a little overwhelming at times... but i'm glad we finished them all! :) thanks friend!

  7. This is so much fun!!! I love this series of yours.
    YUM, that food looks delish!
    We've been to a lot of countries in Europe, so we are currently trying to explore our states. BUT, we both really want to travel to Greece one day, especially after our attempt to get there last summer failed miserably. :(

  8. you have the gift of being able to photograph food, i want chinese food. also, stacked enchiladas for christmas dinner?! best idea ever! (besides your passport to fun dates, i mean.)

  9. thanks Jenna! it was a fun creative task for the year!! i am so jealous you've been to a lot of Europe!! :) you NEED to make it to Greece!!! definitely!

  10. welcome to my world! i always want Chinese! :) ha! yeah!!! a few years back we started doing stacked enchiladas for Christmas... i can't remember why but BEST IDEA EVER!!! :)

  11. Hahaha I always want Chinese (or any Asian food, really), too! Sadly my husband doesn't share the same sentiment...

  12. So fun! You guys went to some great places this year! :)

    Also, the symmetry in that picture above makes my heart happy! haha

  13. it was such a fun year! :) i will miss these dates, but may do it again sometime!! :)

    and yes! symmetry is reason for a happy heart! :)

  14. Yum! Passport to fun sounds like such a fun home date night. :)

  15. thanks Olya!! it is a fun twist on at-home dates!! :)