Monday, February 16, 2015

winter, spring, and the seasons of life

there's something about the season of winter that makes me dread it each year. i love fall but it's bittersweet because it's always a sign that winter is on the way. dark. ice. lethargic. the cold hitting my skin as soon as i walk outside. the pitch black when i get home from work. something about it just brings about a general down feeling.

but there is hope of the sunshine & warmth that will come along in a few months. it's so perfect that Good Friday and Easter come around the first day of spring. Good Friday (winter) being the death of Jesus and yet, Sunday (spring) and His resurrection is coming. there is hope and anticipation.

i can always look back to springs of long ago and remember the warmth & joy of the season. i can look forward and know that spring is coming again. it gives me hope. in life, there will always be seasons of winter. physically and emotionally. but in Christ, we have hope.

we can look back and remember how He has protected, blessed, and guided us. we can look back and reflect on the joy He brought in the midst of pain. we can look back and see His fingerprints of grace all over our lives. we can look back and see how He has carried us through.

then we can look forward with hope and anticipation. we can look forward and know that He will continue to do the same. in those seasons of winter, when we look to Christ, spring is in our reach.


  1. so beautifully written. always have hope- love it.

  2. Amen, Robyn!!! My friend Shauna and I were just talking about this yesterday!!! The little anticipations we experience here are sweet reminders of the thing that we're REALLY anticipating - the return of our Savior! :)

    I never quite thought of Good Friday and Easter in that way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was like a breath of warm, fresh air after being hit with harsh wind. Although it snowed here and it's looking pretty, I'm SO READY for spring! And how insightful to tie it to Jesus' resurrection. Have you heard "I'm going free (jailbreak)" by vertical worship? It's my new favorite Jesus-beat-death song :)

  4. I'm right there with you when it comes to loving fall but knowing winter is around the corner! I do like the seasons though and miss them over here.

    I'm glad seasons of life come and go too. Sometimes it is hard to say bye to one but I'm glad that life is always a process of seasons.

  5. it is a great thing to remember in the dark times & the light times :)

  6. yes! it is a great analogy on a smaller scale of what is to come! :)

  7. you do well at imagery :) snow is pretty... but i ache for spring! it is so close!! :)
    i have not heard that song, so i will look it up! thanks :)

  8. that's true. i didn't think about the fact that you don't really have seasons over there! seasons can be a drag sometimes... but you're right, it is nice to have the process! :) keeps things interesting!