Monday, March 23, 2015

Dixie's Corner | on getting snail mail

hello! my name is Dixie and i'm a basset hound! welcome to Dixie's Corner - my own special place on my moms's blog where i will let you have the inside scoop on the life of a basset!

my mom is constantly talking about snail mail & until recently i never knew what that was. but guess what? i got my first package in the mail last week and now i know what all of the fuss is about! my package came from & they sent me a bone and a bag of pot pie! all for little ole me to try out! 

here's how it went down:
i came in from the backyard & there was a package sitting on the table with my name on it!

i looked up to mom and asked "is this package for me?" she said it was, so my tail started wagging!

we opened up the package & look at what was inside!! pot pie treats & a stick to chew on! so much yummy in one package!

mom let me sniff the packages to my little hearts content & then she finally opened them up! 

mom & dad have been teaching me some new tricks lately & when i do them, i get a treat. i'm stubborn by nature so up until a year ago, i had 0 tricks in my arsenal. now i know how to sit, kennel up, and stay(sorta)! so mom made me do some tricks before i could try the pot pie, but it was worth the wait! they were delicious!

then she broke out the stick! man, do i love to chew! i chewed on it so long i had to take a break and lick my paws! i keep the stick close to me at all times with my other favorite bone though. just in case someone tries to be a sneak and hide them! (mom & dad think they're funny!)

i love the chew stick & the pot pies! mom never lets me have any of her pot pie, so this is the next best thing! and the stick... has me constantly guessing! is it a stick or a bone? guess i'll keep chewing to figure out the final verdict!

to wrap up this section of Dixie's Corner, i want you to know that bassets can be fans of snail mail also! so until next time, i'll be dreaming of snail mail & waiting on another package!

we received complimentary products in exchange for a review. regardless, all opinions are my own.

what is your most favorite snail mail you've ever received?


  1. Jake thinks this looks awesome! (Or he would if his flea-recovering self weren't confined to a cone and busy throwing a party of self-pity....) This looks like such a fun doggy box!

  2. Aww! This was a cute post! My Tilli has never received snail mail, poor thing :D

  3. What a creative way to share this review!!!! :)

    I'm glad Dixie enjoyed her snailmail and the goodies inside!

    My favorite snail mail is pretty much ANYTHING, especially when it comes out of the blue!

  4. She is so cute and I'm glad she liked her food.

  5. poor Jake ): Dixie can relate... she hates the cone... but she can actually get it off so it never stays on for long! as evidenced here:

    p.s. fleas suck so i hope you guys got 'em all!

  6. poor thing ): Tilli should get a doggie pen pal! ;)

  7. it is hard to channel the inner basset! haha! she did love the goodies though!!

    i agree! i love getting any & all kinds of snail mail... but especially when it's a surprise!

  8. thanks! she enjoyed it a lot & thinks she is hot stuff now that she gets packages!