Wednesday, March 18, 2015

from tablet to table

i received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House for review purposes.

before Thomas & i got married, he didn't have a table in his house. so one of the first things we did when we got married was to move in a table & create a dining room. i loved having a table & eating dinner together. it made our house feel like a home. we also built a coffee table for our living room during our first year of marriage. i loved having a space to sit around and play games or visit with company. there is just something about a table that completes a house.

our word for 2015 is rest & part of true rest is community. so we want to be intentional about utilizing our table. we want our table to be a place that welcomes guests, a place where we have deep conversations, a place where we laugh together, a place where we share parts of ourselves. 

this book focuses on community & identity being found at the table. the Bible is not just a tablet, it's a table meant to gather around. it's a table meant to come alive. we sit at the table of scripture and we learn more about God, then more about ourselves. Sweet makes the point that while we sit in Biblical community at the table, we are being fed as well as feeding. we give to the table and we also receive from it. 

this book describes 3 types of tables - the table at home, the table at church, and the table in the world. the table at home is where we set our boundaries, where we develop our tastes, and where we learn protocols such as grace and slowing down. the table at church is where a diverse community of people gather, bring brokenness, and allow Jesus to be the head of the table. the table in the world is where we display God's hospitality, where we form relationships, and where we minister to others.

there is one model for the table, but all tables look different. maybe your table is filled to the brim with people and laughter. maybe your table is just your family and quiet conversations. maybe your table is you and a few friends having a game night. it doesn't matter what it looks like or how many people are there. extroverts embrace large tables full of people & introverts flourish at small tables, but community can be found in both places. 

what does your table look like?


  1. I love that you rabbit is invited to your table as well!

    I think hospitality looks different to every family. I also think that you have to be intentional about opening your home because it is so easy to hermit inside.

    How do you get so many free books to review? I think that is really neat.

  2. Yippee for your rabbit as a guest :)
    My table is small... why our dinner is usually centered around the counter ;)

  3. the rabbit sometimes gets invited! :) you are so right - it is definitely something you have to be intentional about... or it just won't happen!

    i am a member of the Tyndale Blog Network (for faith books) & Blogging For Books (for anything else)! it's neat b/c i love reading & there are some great books to choose from!

  4. he loves hanging out with people! :) and that is really neat! "table" is just an analogy anyways... so counters are included! :)

  5. ours gets covered up so easily as well! we have to constantly clean it off!! haha i hope someday you all get desks and your dream comes true!! yeah i love the analogies in this book... my brain thinks in analogies! :)