Wednesday, March 25, 2015

journaling | writing prompts

one of my goals for March is to spend time journaling. i enjoy reflecting on my life and writing my thoughts out in order to process them. but i also enjoy following writing prompts when journaling. just to keep it mixed up a bit & work that creative muscle. 

i am more motivated if i have a pretty journal to write in, so i got a personalized journal from Minted at the beginning of March. (or 2 because let's be honest, it's so hard to pick just one! plus, they are personalized so that is awesome!) i've been journaling in it off & on throughout this month - writing out prayers, processing my personality type, using writing prompts, and plain ole stream of consciousness entries!

it has been nice to set aside time for one of my favorite past times! over the past month, i've been looking everywhere for writing prompts to get inspiration to think & write creatively. i have found tons, but i am sharing my top 10 favorite ones below! so, get to writing!

o1 write about something you frequently forget.
o2 what is the most beautiful sound you have ever heard?
o3 have you ever experienced something that could not be logically explained?
o4 what traffic sign best reflects your life right now?
o5 if you were a book, what section of the book shop would you be shelved in?
o6 if you could live to see any event in the future, what would that event be?
o7 what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
o8 write a letter dated 10 years in the future (or a letter to your future or past self).
o9 write a story in which your biggest fears happen to your character.
10 break up your life into 3 chapters & give each chapter a title.

do you enjoy writing prompts? what's your favorite one?


  1. These are so creative! If I were teaching English I'd add them to the list of in-class writing assignments! And I love the flower patterns of your journals. :)

  2. yes, it is fun and I need to do this for my MG book as I'm stuck. :(

  3. I always love writing prompts to get the brain going!

  4. they are so fun! especially because a lot of times i feel like writing... but i don't really have anything i want to write... so these are great!

  5. you should use them!!! they are great to get the writing juices flowing!

  6. right?! sometimes i want to be an English teacher just to read what kids would come up with!!! writing assignments were always my fave when i was in school! :)

  7. Yeah, same--I always loved them too. And that's definitely something I miss as a Spanish teacher; when I was student teaching in 7th & 8th grade English reading their literature-related journal entries and anecdotal essays were SO fun.

  8. Yes, I agree. It really does help.

  9. Coffee Beans High HeelsMarch 27, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    great prompts! i like the advice one the most! thanks for sharing them

  10. Thanks for these prompts Robyn!
    I adore journaling! It's such a beautiful way to track through different seasons in life, and I really enjoy that.
    And- new journals are the BEST!

  11. I love your cute journals!

    Is it bad that I like journals more than journaling? I'd hoard them if Dave would allow it.

    I do like journaling though and wished I did more of it. I've started writing down the things in Asia I don't want to forget. I've never thought about journaling from a writing prompt but that is a really fun idea.

  12. writing prompts are so much fun!!! & it's always a good idea to write down good advice - keeps it fresh! :)

  13. sure thing! i thought these were super fun! :) new journals are the best - a fresh start of sorts... so many blank pages to fill! kinda like a new adventure in life! :)

  14. hahaha!!!! i like the idea of journaling more than i actually like doing it! my thoughts go way too fast for my poor little hand! but it is nice to spend time just reflecting & processing every now & then!! :)

  15. I never thought of journaling from a writing prompt, these are interesting. I may try them soon. I have been working on getting in the habit of journaling, so I can look back and see answered prayer. :)

  16. i just recently started doing this in journaling & it's so much fun! gets the juices flowing & helps me when i want to journal but am unsure of the words i want to say! and i LOVE that about journaling - looking back and seeing how God has provided & seeing His fingerprints all over the pages of our lives!