Monday, March 02, 2015

monthly goals | march

recap February goals

drink more water
i did drink more water this month & could definitely feel it! i had coffee the first week of the month because you can't turn down Chick Fil A free coffee! :) but the second week i stopped cold turkey & ya know what? i survived! i had one caffeine headache but then i was fine. i am still going to drink coffee occasionally, on those desperate mornings where i just need something to give me that extra jolt. but i am going to stay away from drinking it every single day.

purge & simplify
we didn't really make any progress this month. i had high hopes but each weekend either met us with non-stop plans or sickness. our issue is keeping the clutter away because it seems to keep coming back!

exercise 3x a week
i didn't get to 3 times each week, but i did exercise each week so i call that a win! now to keep it up for every month for the rest of my life! :)

March goals

spend time journaling
for most of my childhood, i kept a journal. i didn't write in it every day, but i wrote in it frequently. i love reading back through those journals and seeing God's hand at work. once i started college, my journaling became very sporatic. now that i'm out of college, married, and work full time i rarely find time to journal. so this month i want to spend time journaling. not blogging, but journaling. find a quiet spot, be still, and just reflect. 

life is overwhelming. it just is. and while my body aches for rest, my soul aches for rest even more. after all of the ups & downs with my job and Thomas's job transition this past year, i just need to allow time to process everything. i want to spend time this month allowing my soul to rest, creating some white space & re-aligning myself to look to Jesus for true rest. 

what are you hoping March holds for you?


  1. Yay for March goals!

    Good job on the water drinking. I have no idea how much you are drinking but something I try is to drink half of my body weight in ounces and it is a crazy amount but I feel so good. I haven't cut out my coffee though because, well, I'm Brazilian at heart ;)

    I'm glad you want to journal more. I think it is something that I should do more too. It's really neat to look back through a journal and see what God has taught me and how He brought us through. Journaling might help you sit still and get some rest for your soul too.

  2. Christine HawkinsMarch 2, 2015 at 11:24 AM

    Hello. I found your link via Oak and Oats link up party. Your blog is so simple. I just started a journey in simple living. And of course I saw the part on purging and simplifying. I would love to read more about your process in simplifying your life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. GREAT Goals! I feel like we are so similar in our simple and intentional goals this year!

    ALSO your new design is PERFECTION!!!!!!

  4. I hear you on the job woes. Well, more like i'm with you on how exhausting it can be when your job puts you through an emotional roller coaster. So I'm hoping March holds a resolution to all of that. Or at least warmer weather. :)

  5. Sometimes I journal every day, and sometimes I don't journal for weeks. I do enjoy it, though. I just need to make an effort to stop and rest and be quiet and get my thoughts out. Not blogging, like you said :)

  6. Girl! Stopping coffee cold turkey is a HUGE deal!! Good job! I am super impressed that you did it in free chikfila coffee month too! I've been journaling a bit more because like you, I was good about it in high school/college and not so much anymore. I've been typing my journals which I NEVER thought I would do but I type so much faster anyway that it's working okay for now. Yay for goals! : )

  7. I'm not a coffee lover so... But I love that you love to journal and I hope you continue to do it. I still need to drink more water.

  8. I might steal that journaling thing. I keep thinking about it, but i am actually going to try! I haven't set my goals for march but I need to do that! usually my goals are unattainable but here's to hoping!

  9. the only way i got through college was by drinking coffee ;) so i got addicted to it! journaling is so much fun! blogging is fun but in a different way! :) i hope you have a great March!

  10. thanks Sarah! yeah i wasn't sure how it was gonna go since there was free coffee every day!!! i've thought about typing journals too because my thoughts are so fast that it's hard for my hand to keep up when i'm writing it out. but i have mixed feeling about it! lol glad it's working for you :) i hope you have a great March!

  11. i am the same way! except sometimes i journal every day, and then i don't journal for a year! it is nice to just sit down with a notebook & write something that no one else reads. it's a different kind of feeling :) have a great March!

  12. thanks Sara! i hope your job woes clear up soon (if you're currently having them)! it really can take a lot out of you! haha i am with you on the warmer weather! praying it in! ;)

  13. thanks Elizabeth! glad to know i am not the only one whose soul is crying out for simplicity! i'm trying to figure out how that tangibly looks in this busy world we live in!!

    thank you so much! i just love the watercolor! :)

  14. hi Christine! thanks for visiting :) how awesome that so many people are on a journey to simplicity! it's nice to have so many resources & stories of how people are making this a reality! :)

  15. Oh my gosh I totally have mixed feelings about it too... I actually am still doing part hand written and part typed because I can't fully convert haha. I hope you find something that works for you. You have a great March as well! :)