Monday, March 09, 2015

o2 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- we aren't really huge Valentine's people. i'm not a flowers and chocolate girl, and we don't enjoy spending tons of money on food. so we do a really low key thing each year. this year we went to the zoo during the day & then ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A that night! they have fresh flowers on the tables so it is kinda budget-friendly-fancy, right? 

- there was an ice storm in SC mid month, so Thomas got a day & a half off work. even though i had to work from home the whole time, it was nice to have him home too! plus, working by the fire in my pajamas is always preferable! we also got fluffy snow the week after the ice, so at least that redeemed the cold weather somewhat. but we both had to work the day we got snow & didn't get to build a snowman!

- my sister in law gave birth to their first little baby boy! Thomas & i have an almost 3 year old nephew on my side of the family & now we have a second nephew on his side! we are excited because little boys are the best! and no, we don't have baby fever (well, i don't). we most definitely have nephew fever though! ;)

Feb 7 - dinner & The Jersey Boys at my parents' house
Feb 14 - the zoo & Chick Fil A for Valentine's on a budget
Feb 18 - date night @ The Peddler (hello living social deals!)
Feb 27 - we became an Aunt & Uncle on Thomas's side of the family!
Feb 28 - celebrated my mom & sister's birthdays

- cuddling & cozy fires
- walks with the basset
- loaded sweet potatoes (heaven on a plate!)
- dance dance revolution
- afternoon coffee dates
- pops of red in the snow
- cuddling tiny humans

- we traveled to Tokyo, Japan for our passport to fun date
- i thought a lot about what it means to be brave
- Thomas & i finished our first whole 30 together & reflected on the journey
- i shared a few great whole 30 recipes: ginger crockpot chicken, simple sesame broccoli, & turkey sausages
- i discovered the adorableness that is The Owl Shoppe

what are your highlights from this month?


  1. Getting a brand new family is pretty exciting! We have one nephew, on Angel's side. I'd have to say that being an aunt is a fun job!

  2. I'm glad you had a good month and friend BEING AN AUNT AND HAVING NEPHEWS IS THE BEST!!! (ALL CAPS FOR MAJOR EMPHASIS) but for reals!!!

    I have 4 nephews and love them all so so much!

  3. What a month!!! I hope your March is just as exciting.

    I think the key to enjoying Valentine's Day is to celebrate however works for you. For my sister, that's something really elaborate and expensive...or me and my husband it's out to dinner somewhere inexpensive where we can people watch and enjoy seeing everyone in town out and about. I'm totally not a flowers girl either - I associate them with funerals, new babies and being sickly.

  4. Girl. Every time I eat at chikfila and see the fresh flower on the table I think THE.EXACT.SAME.THING. (Budget friendly fancy). So glad I'm not the only one- and the zoo and Chikfila sounds like the perfect valentines day date!! Congrats on being an aunt again- so exciting!

  5. What a big month! A new baby (that you get to hug/snuggle and then someone ELSE does all the diapers), discount dates, birthdays, the ice/storm...also tell me your secret to staying free from that baby fever! Haha ;)

  6. I don't have any nieces or nephews yet, but I'm excited to!

  7. hahaha you are so right - having nephews is the best! :)

  8. thanks so much Sara! i so agree - whatever works for you is the way to go! for us, it's inexpensive & random date nights! :)

  9. haha! it must be true then!! :) thank you! i love being an aunt!

  10. it was a fun month! :) and being an aunt is the best!
    haha i don't know what the secret is! i have just never had it!!

  11. being an aunt is awesome! of course, you'll be a mom soon & i'm betting that's even better!!