Monday, April 27, 2015

Dixie's Corner | when a basset goes camping

a few weekends ago, i went on my first ever camping trip! i would like to point out that mom & dad have gone yurting multiple times without me! how rude. they keep saying that they have never gone real camping as a married couple. well, you know who has never gone camping ever in her life? me! so it is about time they let me tag along!

i just have to tell you - i had such a fun weekend in the outdoors! i got to hang out with mom & dad in the car, smell boiled peanuts, and they even let me roll the window down so i could stick my head out in the breeze to my little heart's content! when we got to the campground, the owners loved me so they gave me tons of hugs and pets!

i hung out in the campground while mom & dad set up the tent! dad made me a runner around some trees so i could walk freely through the campsite! he is so thoughtful. once the tent was set up, mom said it was shedding season so she groomed me with this awesome new brush & it felt so good! i always see dad give mom back massages, he doesn't use a brush but i think this was pretty close to a massage. in that case, i am a fan of brush massages!

mom gave me a new treat for my hips once she groomed me. she said it was a reward for me sitting still to be brushed. as if she needed to reward me for enjoying the brush massage! but i'm not complaining on getting a treat - i love treats! mom says these treats are made out of real chicken and i believe it because they are tasty! i may or may not have snuck another one off the table also!

i'm telling mom thanks for brushing me & that i love the way the brush feels!

then it was time to set off & explore. we saw a waterfall & hiked down a few trails. i loved climbing & exploring through the trails. there was a river near the trail we went to so i was able to refresh myself throughout the walk! outside is so cool!

after all of the hiking, i was tuckered out so i took a nap in the car. then we went back to the campsite to hang out for the night. dad built us a fire & we all hung out around it. mom was reading, dad was making coffee, and i was just chillin on my bed. when mom & dad got tired, we retired to the tent for the night. i found a comfy pillow to sleep on, but dad told me that was his pillow so i had to move.

when we woke up in the morning, dad let me hang out with him on his pillow though. i guess he shares in the morning but not at night. humans are strange sometimes. i had re-energized through the night so i spent the morning sniffing around the campsite, burying my bone, and rolling on the ground.

mom & dad packed up the campsite & carted everything back to the car. i convinced dad to let me ride in the wheelbarrow on the trip back to the campsite. he obliged & it was my favorite part of the weekend!

when mom & dad were checking out of the campground, they told me that the owners had a basset hound named Max. so i got to meet Max! he was showing off running around like a crazy basset but i got a few good sniffs in. i decided he's an alright guy! we went on one last hike before heading home & i got to hop up more rocks! man i love rock climbing! the weekend was really fun but left me tired so i napped all the way home!


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  1. Hi, Dixie!!! I'm glad you got to go camping! :)

    Your trip sounds like a blast, Robyn!!!! I love camping and fires and sleeping in tents and hiking!

  2. haha so cute! What is it about basset hounds when they shake their heads and their ears flop like in your second picture that makes me want to laugh and say "awwww".

  3. This is the best post I've seen all day. Hilarious! My husband grew up with bassets and I have a feeling that will be our first dog.

  4. Dixie had so much fun! :) and she was so much better behaved than i thought she would be!

  5. aww thanks Veronica! :) Dixie is a diva! bassets are SO great!!! i really hope you get one someday!!

  6. Just showed him this post & he immediately pointed out the Clemson leash :P

  7. haha!! Yeah my husband is a Clemson fan! :)