Monday, April 06, 2015

monthly goals | April

writing out my goals each month has really been a tremendous help to me. something about spending time creating the post & seeing it on my blog helps to keep them at the front of my brain all month. i hesitated at first to post them, because i don't really have lofty goals and i felt like it would be silly to post them. since i work over 40 hours a week & blog for fun, i have to remember that my goals will look differently than others since they are not blog related. and that's okay!

but, i have enjoyed keeping the goals real & taking that time to process through what i would like to accomplish. my biggest goal for the year is to find true rest and to simplify. it's fun to see these goals reflect that, and i feel like posting my goals & how i did is just another expression of processing through life, which is why i blog in the first place.

recap March goals

spend time journaling
i didn't spend as much time doing this as i would have liked, but i did spend time doing it. i wasn't really planning this, but i ended up journaling about my personality. i'm an INFJ on the Myers Briggs personality test. so i journaled through the different sections of my personality type & processed how that affected different areas of life. it was super interesting because i am a nerd! ;)

in February, i got behind in my Bible reading plan, so in March i spent time catching up as i could. that means that some days, i was reading in the OT for an hour at a time. it was really neat to spend so much dedicated time in the Word, especially the OT. just making time for scripture on the hectic & bad days, left my soul feeling restful. also, hiking & spending time in nature makes me feel closer to God, so it was restful to be able to go hiking on the weekends!

April goals

go hiking - a lot
i am so very grateful that spring has sprung at last! we went hiking a few times at the end of March, and those were my favorite days. i need to build back up my leg muscles also, because we haven't done a lot of hiking since last spring. i want to get outside & explore as much as i can during April, so i envision weekends full of hiking (& camping) in my future!

remember to breathe
April is year end at work which means that the first 3 weeks of the month include closing, year end reporting, and the audit... so it is a busy time. so busy, in fact, that our entire department had to work on Good Friday, which the rest of the company got as a holiday. we are all pretty burned out from working so much overtime this past year, so i just need to remember to breathe! ;)
p.s. accounting is not for the faint of heart!

what are your goals for April?


  1. I'm glad your goals are practical for you and not full of 'blog' goals.

    I'm sorry your work is so stressful! I have a friend who does accounting / auditing and she works super super hard! You all are in your own category of hard work.

    I'm glad you are going to hike more. It's so nice to be in nature and being outside makes me pray more and think / meditate too.

    What books are you reading through in the OT? I'm currently in Isaiah. Do you have a favorite OT story? or one that really stood out to you?

  2. I also work in accounting & its getting pretty crazy around here as well. Breathing & breaks are a MUST

  3. I love to hike. AndI like that you plan things out.

  4. I wanted to go hiking this weekend but it rained too much. I love how you want to find true rest. I feel like I am going from place to place.

  5. I am an INFJ too! Well, I switch between INFJ and ISFJ, I'm like right on the line I think. :)

  6. definitely a must. last week & this week have been super crazy. i didn't realize you worked in accounting - how neat! i don't meet many of those in the blog world! :)

  7. hiking is a lot of fun! :) i am super slow, but i still love it!

  8. haha thanks friend! it is really no joke... you definitely work all the time! but i like it... so it's bearable lol

    yes i love being outside and just being still (figuratively) in nature! do you guys get to hike a lot over there? or are the woods sketchy b/c of the wildlife? (is that a weird question to ask?? i always think about what kinda animals are in the woods where i'm about to go lol)

    i'm in Deut. now - just finished going through the Pentateuch. the plan i'm doing is the ESV study Bible plan & you have 4 bookmarks (1 is the Pentateuch & most of OT, 2 is Psalm, Prov, Eccl, and Job, 3 is the gospels, & 4 is the rest of the NT) so really you stay in the OT & NT the whole year! it's kinda neat :) i actually like Leviticus a lot & especially ch 16 & how it relates to the story of Christ/Easter. especially since we just celebrated Easter!

  9. it is supposed to rain this weekend & we are going camping... so i hope it doesn't!!! rain ruins everything!
    i am there too Jessa - just feels like life is one thing after another & constantly moving. rest has to be intentional, but i'm reminding myself we are commanded to rest in Him!

  10. same here!!! i mostly get INFJ but sometimes i get ISFJ... guess it depends on what mood i'm in that day! haha! nice to meet you fellow INFJ - apparently we are rare! :)

  11. I like your reading plan! I read through my Bible once before and that is the layout they had. I liked the variety in it.

    Leviticus is a really interesting and neat book. I never expected the OT books to be so packed with truths and practical things. I feel bad saying that because The Bible is so relevant but sometimes I don't always understand the prophetic books.

    I started reading through the Bible chronologically in 2012 and then majorly slacked UNTIL this past year when a Buddhist man who was asking us about salvation said "I have read through the Bible 3 times. How many times have you read through it?" I was so embarrassed and that is when I started my chronological Bible plan again. I'm currently in Isaiah. =)

  12. Yayyy for hiking!! That's a great goal! And your work schedule exhausts me just reading about it and makes me glad I didn't choose accounting as my career. Hang in there!

  13. hahah be very glad! the toughest part of the month is over, now just to finish it out strong!!