Wednesday, April 01, 2015

o3 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- the weather finally warmed up & the sunshine finally came out! we enjoyed the nice weather by going hiking on the weekends, and took advantage of the extra sunlight by going on walks after work. it is nice to feel like we actually have a day after we get off of work! spring, i love you!

- i am a strep throat magnet, unfortunately. when i was in school, i used to get it twice a year every year, no fail. i actually hadn't had it in a few years... but caught it this month when i was visiting my grandma in the hospital. and you know what? it's just as awful as i remember. i have never, ever taken a sick day from work. i usually stay home if i have a cold or upset stomach, but i still work from home all day. but i was out for 2 days with this monster & being out for 2 days during year end/audit is no bueno. 

- this was a low key month for us really. Thomas is still adjusting to his new job & has had to work a lot of overtime this month while he is catching on to the demands of this new job. i have been working overtime also (even on the weekends...yuck!) because my work is approaching our year end and audit season. so, it's good that it's been a quiet month because it has allowed us to re-cooperate.

- i just realized that most of my highlights for this month are kinda down & just not fun. i tried to think really, really hard of more highlights to include... but it just wasn't in the cards this month. do you ever have months like that? but the awesome thing is that even with all of the overtime and the sickness... life is still good! God is still faithful & every day is a blessing!

- sending snail mail
- slowing down
- bubble baths
- free chocolate
- spring sunsets
- those mountain views
- basset noses
- saturdays are made for hiking
- caramel apples

- our passport to fun date took us to Dublin, Ireland
- i created a customized frame & did one of my first DIY posts
- i processed the good, the bad, & the ugly about social media
- i discovered Darby Smart - a company that sends DIY boxes straight to your door
this blog officially became Robyn's Nest (it was originally known as Invincible Summer)

what are your highlights from this month?


  1. Yayyyy for hiking and extra daylight! I know a lot of people don't like daylights savings time but I for one am a huge fan because I am SO thankful for extra daylight. A thought about your strep throat- do you still have your tonsils? A lot of times taking them out helps if you are constantly getting sick. I'm sorry this month has been a bummer- but you're right sometimes it happens. I hope you guys can make it through this season of overtime and look forward to some sunshine and not overtime :)

  2. Even though your month had some rough things it had some really good things too - like hiking!

    I'm so sorry you got strep throat! I'm a magnet for it to and HATE IT! Like it is the worst thing ever. I hope you are 100% recovered!

  3. Cute picture! I love your braid :)
    I definitely have months like that, but you are so right that God is faithful even when it doesn't seem like anything exciting happened. Hopefully April will be better for you!

  4. Great photo! You both look very happy :) Loved reading through your archives, too!! The passport for fun is an AWESOME creative! Looking forward to keep up with you via Bloglovin' now....seriously, I've been reading your old posts for an hour! :)

  5. it really is the worst thing ever!!! i am all better now! and yes... even though it was a blah month... there was still good! :)

  6. i don't really fancy losing an hour of sleep... but it is just one hour on one day - so it is WORTH it to get some sunshine!! :)
    yes i do still have my tonsils.... would you believe that my parents asked about getting my tonsils out when i was younger & the doctors refused?? i guess they didn't push back hard... so i still have them & still get sick! i haven't had it in years though (since i got out of school) so i think as long as i can avoid public school & hospitals i'll be good!
    haha sunshine - not overtime... love that! thanks for the encouragement friend!

  7. thanks! :) my hair doesn't do well with ponytails... so braids are my go-to! so true... He is always faithful! even in the "blah" months! :)

  8. thanks Andrea! the passport to fun thing was SO MUCH FUN! you should definitely do it!! haha that is so cool... thanks so much! :)

  9. The docs refused?! Man I feel like now they take them out on everyone! If you keep getting sick (even if it's not strep throat), you could consider getting reevaluated. I had a good friend that got them out last year as an adult and she hasn't been sick all year when previously she'd spend all winter sick. Prayers for health sent your way girl! :)