Wednesday, May 27, 2015

St. Augustine | Florida

Thomas's cousin got married in Tallahassee on May 15th. our anniversary is on the 17th of May so we figured since we would already be down south we might as well detour to Savannah, Georgia for our second anniversary. so after the wedding, we drove halfway and stayed just outside of Jacksonville. on Saturday morning we decided to explore St. Augustine since check in wasn't until 3pm in Savannah.

i had never been to St. Augustine but it is definitely a place i would like to visit again. it is such a fun city even though it is pretty hot. i am thinking next time i visit it will be in the off season because i can't do Florida in the summer. :)

St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the US. it still looks like an old city with the little shops & cobblestone streets. there are even a few people dressed up as colonials. it has a really neat feel! we also got to explore an old Fort so that was cool. plus, we got to witness a drawbridge in action as we were walking across it!

Monday, May 25, 2015

things will be great when you're downtown...

my job has temporarily moved downtown while we are waiting for our new building to be built. we have been hearing that we were moving downtown since December, so i've been busting at the seams to actually get down here. the last week in April we finally moved in! we are expecting to be here through this December, but i am hoping that it gets pushed out so we can stay longer! the room where our cubes are doesn't have windows, BUT we are downtown right near the park and it is glorious!

i get to walk by the river & waterfall in the mornings and it's a nice few seconds of calm before the day starts. i've been taking walks during lunch & it's been good because i need the sunshine. it's so nice to just be able to escape work by walking outside & being in such a pretty area. plus when our group goes out to lunch there are so many options of where to eat and we don't even have to get in a car! friday, May 1, was national walk at lunch day so they had booths set up downtown while we were out at lunch. one of my coworkers got a free massage & i got a free t-shirt!

the drive is a lot closer for me now, which i am also loving. it used to take me between 35-50 minutes to get to work in the morning & at least an hour to get home. now i can leave my house at the same time and get to work in 20 minutes. plus it only takes about 30 minutes to get home. so i am saving gas & my sanity!

the downside of me working downtown is that i can no longer carpool with Thomas. he works really close to where i used to, so we would always carpool in the morning to save on gas. however, when our new building is ready we will be moving back to the same location so we'll be able to carpool again. but honestly, it's a small price to pay to be able to work in this gorgeous part of the city! :)

check out #robyndowntown this year to see more shots of Greenville

Sunday, May 17, 2015

year two.

by the time you are reading this, Thomas & i will be in Savannah enjoying our mini 3 day anniversary trip. it has been a long time coming (about a year, actually) & we both so very needed a few days off work & a weekend away. so happy anniversary to us!

today Thomas & i have been married for two years. that's 730 days. i don't think i've ever done anything consecutively for that many days before. it is mind blowing when you really sit down and think about it. marriage in general is mind blowing. 

a lot of what i felt last year is exactly how i still feel today... only more amplified. how is it possible to continue loving someone even more than you already do?! crazy. it's definitely a journey all of it's own. 

happy second anniversary, Thomas! (and happy birthday!) here's to many many more! (of both!)