Monday, May 04, 2015

o4 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- this year Good Friday fell during year end closing at work, so our department had to work it. it was nice being the only ones in the building though & we got breakfast and lunch brought in! Thomas's new company doesn't get it as a holiday though, so at least i didn't miss out on a day off with him!

- speaking of Thomas's new job, they loaded him up with work so he has been working a lot of overtime these past few months. one week this month he didn't get home before 9pm any night of the week. luckily his supervisor realized how much he had been given, and they are getting some of it taken off of him beginning in May. so the overtime will hopefully be going way down! we are both looking forward to that because we feel like we barely see each other anymore during the week!

- we took our very first (real) camping trip as a married couple this month & we even brought along the basset for her very first ever camping trip! it was so much fun having her along! i wasn't sure how she was going to do with the smells & noises but she did so great. she only barked once the entire weekend & she had a lot of fun exploring with us!

- the building i work at is running out of space but we continue hiring people. so they decided to move a few departments to another building that is being built in the same business park. my department is one of the lucky few chosen. however, that building will not be ready for about another year, so in the meantime they moved us to a building downtown! we are right next to the park, so lunch breaks are really fun now! we just moved this past week, but i am loving the fact that my commute is 20+ minutes shorter now! although Thomas & i can no longer carpool. we have been carpooling to work for our entire marriage - 2 years! so it will be different not having that extra time together!

April 5 - Easter with both families
April 11-12 - camping trip with the basset!
April 26 - hiking & mountain day trip
April 29 - i officially work downtown

- reflecting on the resurrection
- bunnies in baskets
- Star Wars dogs
- boiled peanuts
- camping with a basset
- reading all the books
- bunny hang outs
- bubble tea on rainy sundays
- downtown views
- loving on our newest nephew
- downtown lunch breaks

- passport to fun took us to Mexico City
- i shared our favorite spicy black bean burger recipe
- i participated in the spring fever etsy swap - snail mail forever
- i shared thoughts on our local church planting churches
- i shared our reasons for signing up for our first 5k

what are your highlights from this month?


  1. Sounds great about lunches in the park and less of a commute! Bummer that you loose out on the carpool time together though. :( Looks like a fun time camping, too!

  2. I LOVE working downtown! So much fun. I hope you enjoy it, even if you can't carpool anymore.

  3. One of my old jobs was in a downtown area and you just couldn't beat being able to walk to so many different places to have lunch! You'll miss that when they move you back to a different building.

    I love how you structured this post by the way! It's always fun to look back and see what we were doing this month last year!

  4. wait, first real camping trip?! what was the yurt trip from last year then? haha and it sounds like such a fun month! and a move?! that is so exciting!!! new apt? new house? details! :)

  5. That much overtime for Thomas sounds terrible!! I'm glad that it's hopefully going to go down this month! Also... first real camping trip for the win!! I loved seeing all your pics on IG! I can't believe you guys have carpooled your entire marriage- that is just crazy! Alex and I drive 30-60 minutes in opposite directions for work! The park by your new office is so pretty!

  6. It has been a very busy month but good. It looks like you are having some great times.

  7. haha we don't count the yurt as "real" camping b/c we got to sleep on a bed! lol but camping with the basset definitely was a lot more "real"! haha
    the move is through my work - my department is working in a building downtown now (temporarily only for a year-ish) so nothing too exciting... but i love being downtown! :)

  8. thanks Andrea! camping was so much fun with the basset :)

  9. i am definitely enjoying it! i don't want it to end! :)

  10. i am going to miss it SO much! i am loving it & trying to live it up while we're down here!!
    thanks! i love seeing the months overlap like that! :)

  11. it was horrible! luckily May has been MUCH better! so life is kinda feeling normal again! oh wow! y'all understand the horrible commutes then! ):

  12. thanks Ladonna! busy can be fun :)