Monday, June 29, 2015

July 2015 | one sentence a day

so back in high school when i was really cool i had a livejournal, or five. i also had a xanga, but that's besides the point. livejournal was basically a blog site before blogging was cool. anyways, one month i thought it would be really fun to post every single day, but only write one sentence. it was fun because i had to be really creative. if i had a deep thought or a funny story to tell, i had to figure out a way to share that in just one sentence. it's a form of art, in a way. now they sell five year journals where you do exactly this, and i have thought about getting one! but five years is a long time to remember to write a sentence each day!

i've been thinking a lot about words lately and how much i love them. i love reading words, writing words, quoting words, etc. basically anything that has to do with words i just love. most of the time it's those short little snippets that i really zero in on and appreciate. i find quotes everywhere & whenever i read a book (even fiction books) my highlighter adds so much color to those black & white pages! there are also certain lyrics of songs that bring tears to my eyes every single time i hear them. i just love, love, love the power of words. 

so for the month of July i'm going to try this challenge again. but instead of blogging one sentence every day, (because let's be honest that would be annoying), i'm going to be doing the one sentence challenge on twitter. (crossing my fingers all of my sentences can fit into 140 characters!) i am entertaining the idea of doing a weekly recap post of the challenge on the blog, though. some will be silly, some will be serious, and hopefully some will be funny. you can follow along on twitter or the widget on my sidebar. or you can join in by using the hashtag #RNsentenceaday for the month of July! 

have you ever done a similar challenge?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Old Sheldon Church

on the way home from our anniversary trip, Thomas took a detour so we could see Old Sheldon Church. the church was burned down and now lay in ruins. it made me feel like i was in Narnia exploring the ruins of Cair Paravel. it had a kind of spookiness to it, but was really cool to explore also. i just love the green next to exposed brick - so pretty. 

the church was burned down in the 1700's, rebuilt, and then burned down again in the 1800's. it is crazy that so much is still standing today after all of that, including the pulpit. the graves around the structure are still there & they were neat to see as well. some of the old graves had very pretty script on them which is amazing to think of how that was done. & i just love the spanish moss hanging from the trees - it adds to the spooky feel. 

have you ever explored ruins? do you have any near you?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

October 26th | Part 5

This story is written like fiction, but it is very true. It happened in October of 2012, so some of the details may be a little hazy to me but the story is as accurate as I recall. I wanted to have an account of the craziest thing that happened to me in my life thus far & thought it would be fun to write it in story form. This story is written in parts, so it will make more sense if you read from the beginning!


It's monday morning, also known as the morning I have major surgery. It's only been 2 full days since I found out that I needed the surgery. That may seem like a long time, but in retrospect it's not. Monday has crept up quickly and now it's here. I am actually glad that this weekend went by so fast because it didn't give me much time to think. 

It seems like everyone else is more anxious about the surgery than I am. Of course, I've never had surgery or been close to anyone recovering from major surgery so I have no idea what to expect. And I plan on keeping it that way until I have to face my own reality. But for now, I am ignorant and it's true what they say - ignorance is bliss. 

I spent the weekend introducing Thomas to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. He doesn't read fiction, so I couldn't convince him to read the books but he watched the movies with me. We watched the first few before the surgery and it was enough to hook him! Now he wants to finish the rest after surgery. Honestly, I am ready to be done with the surgery and back to watching Harry Potter as well.

We also had a tasting with the caterer we are using for our wedding this weekend. We had it set up weeks ago and doing anything other than sitting around thinking about surgery was appealing to me. So we went to the tasting & it made me so much more excited about marrying Thomas in six and a half more months. 


We're in the waiting room and I am about to go back for blood work and surgery prep. Apparently they normally do blood work a few days before surgery, but since this was so rushed I have to do it this morning. Sitting in the waiting room, I'm nervous but only slightly. I'm not anxious at all and I wonder if that is normal. 

I look at the door and in walks the pastor from my church. He says he came to pray for me before the surgery. We all gather in a circle - the pastor, me, my parents, Thomas, and his mom. The pastor starts praying and something about the words he is saying make the dam break. Suddenly all of the nervous energy & anxiousness I haven't been feeling over the past few days flood me all at once. It's too much and seconds later I am a puddle, the tears refuse to stop.

They call me back.

I think I am more nervous about the blood work than anything else. The initial prick doesn't bother me, but the entire time the blood is coming out hurts like crazy. Did the nurse seriously just pull out 7 viles to fill up?

After that certain torture is over, it's time for the anesthesia. Now that is something I can get behind! I don't know what drugs are like, but if they are anything like this I can understand why people get addicted to them. I am so loopy and in walks my parents and Thomas to send me off to surgery. I have a fingertip pulse oximeter on my index finger and it's emitting a red light. I call myself ET and have Thomas take a picture. That's the last thing I remember pre-surgery.


[to be continued]

Monday, June 15, 2015

Beaufort | South Carolina

on our way home from Savannah, Thomas decided to make a pit stop in Beaufort to walk around. i had never been to Beaufort and Thomas wanted to show me some of his favorite places. their downtown area is near the waterway so we went to this little coffee shop that Thomas loves & then walked by the water. we even sat in a swing and just enjoyed the sunshine. 

it's a neat little town, but we didn't have a lot of time to spend there. so we just walked in a few little shops & then headed back home. the main street was really cute though & reminded me of an old timey town. the only thing i really knew about Beaufort beforehand was that it was near the Marine Corps training facility on Parris Island. but now that i know what a little gem it is, i can't wait to go back & explore more!

have you ever been to Beaufort? what's the neatest small town near you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

savor | living abundantly

i am reading through the Bible in 2015, so i am reading a lot of the Bible each day. reading through the Bible in a year involves long, rich chunks of the Bible at a time. i am enjoying reading through the entire Bible, but sometimes i do miss the slowness that comes with studying a small section at a time.

i have been searching for a daily devotional that is short, yet gets me searching my heart. Savor, by Shauna Niequist, is just that! it is a quick read each day with thought provoking questions to help you really savor life. plus, there are delicious recipes throughout the book to help you savor life in a different way.

i can very rarely read books without highlighting, and my highlighter has been hard at work throughout this book. so rather than try to reword brilliant writing, i'm going to share some of my favorite highlighted quotes from the book. these have spoken to me in some way & my hope is that they encourage you as well.

"we love big stories, ones that involve passports, mountains, and photo-ops. but sometimes being courageous means less, quieter, stiller, smaller."

"we're learning that one of the best things we can do to build our marriage is to build our own healthy selves. . .when [we] can bring our best selves to our partnership, the partnership thrives."

"i'm more certain than ever that prayer is at the heart of transformation. and also that God's will has a lot more to do with inviting us to become more than we previously have been than about getting us to one very specific destination."

"i practice grace and patience with myself, knowing that i can't extend grace and patience if i haven't tasted them."

"it's rebellious, in a way, to choose joy, to dance, to love your life. it's much easier and much more common to be miserable."

"we were made to be the things He is: forgivers, redeemers, second chance-givers, truth-tellers, hope-bringers. and we were certainly, absolutely, made to be creators."

"when life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow."

"i believe that loss deepens us. i am grateful for God's graciousness toward me that he would teach me these things. . .i've found a new gratitude, and it's gratitude for the way God has redeemed darkness and pain, for the way he brings something beautiful out of something horrible."

"it's not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. what's hard is figuring out what you're willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about." 

"our hearts are more elastic than we think, and the work of forgiveness and transformation and growth can do things you can't even imagine from where you're standing now."

i received a complimentary copy of Savor in exchange for an honest review. regardless, all opinions are my own.

how are you currently savoring life?

Monday, June 08, 2015

peace with the geese

each morning on my way in to work, i walk by the river, hear the sounds of the crashing water, and watch the geese families. i call it my peace with the geese. mornings are so peaceful. no one is out & it's just me and nature. the weather is always super nice on spring/summer mornings so i have to force myself to go into work. 

one morning while i was watching the goslings on my walk in, a man was standing a few feet away also watching the goslings. he said to me "look at that. i just love this city!" & i couldn't agree more! working downtown has allowed me to have time to explore this city & get to know the park inhabitants better. our city isn't huge, but it's one of the most awesome in the world! fun fact: Greenville is on the 15 best cities for young adults Forbes list

lately i've been having a morning session on my way in and an afternoon session as i'm leaving work. occasionally i'll see if they are hanging around at lunch also. there are 2 geese families and 1 duck family that i see regularly. one goose family has 2 goslings & the other goose family has 5 goslings. the duck family has 7 ducklings - 3 are yellow & 4 are black. they are much smaller than the goslings but super cute!

it has been so much fun to watch these babies grow as the weeks have passed. the goslings pretty much doubled in size the first few weeks we were in the new building. the ducklings have stayed pretty small, but both the ducklings & goslings are still really cute! i was out of work for a week & a half while i had my sprained ankle & jury duty... so when i saw the goslings after that they were already growing feathers! these pictures were taken over a 5 week period. you'll notice the goslings getting bigger as the pictures progress (tiny to almost full grown) - crazy how quick they grow!

have you ever seen goslings? aren't they adorable?!