Monday, June 01, 2015

o5 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

May is such a busy month in our family. Between my immediate family & Thomas's immediate family, we have 5 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, and of course 2 mother's day celebrations. plus this year we had 2 weddings on top of all of that. but it is fun to have so much to celebrate!

- Thomas turned the big 30 this year so i arranged a surprise party for him. it was a lot of fun & he honestly had no idea until we walked into the restaurant! this was his first ever surprise party, so it was fun to pull one over on him!

- Thomas's cousin got married on the 15th in Florida & our anniversary is the 17th, so we decided to detour through Savannah, GA for a few days to celebrate our second anniversary! we found a detached apartment (with a hot tub!!!) on VRBO and had a really fun weekend!

- this was the first full month of my job being downtown & i am loving it! there are 2 goose families with goslings & a duck family with 7 little ducklings so it has been fun to watch them grow. also you can't beat the sights on those lunchtime walks!

- we also took a quick 1 night trip to the mountains with our basset hound over memorial day weekend. there is just something so nice about getting away from home & the regular routine. Dixie loved the trip & we had fun hanging out with her in a new place. she mainly loved all the new smells! the nose knows.

- we drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way home on Memorial Day & i sprained my ankle. not exactly the day off we had planned, but i'm glad it was just a sprain because it was a nasty fall. it was a really bad sprain though, so i had to work from home for 3 days. i am able to walk on it some now but it's still painful.

May 2 - out of town wedding
May 3 - all birthdays in Thomas's family
May 9 - surprise party for Thomas's 30th!
May 10 - Mother's Day for both families, & all birthdays in my family
May 15 - wedding in FL
May 16-18 - 2nd anniversary trip
May 24-25 - Brevard, NC with the basset

- the contagious smile of babies
- exploring downtown on lunch breaks
- surprise parties
- watching goslings at the river
- sunsets in Savannah
- dark chocolate caramel apples (the only way to celebrate a 2nd anniversary!)
- feeding donkeys
- blended strawberry lemonade goodness
- baby ducks in the river
- endless almond milk chai trips
- baby duck nap pile
- meeting mini donkeys
- family trip to the mountains

- we explored London for our passport to fun date
- i tried my hand at a short fiction piece
- we celebrated our first anniversary by staying in a cabin for a week
- i learned how running & marriage are actually very similar
- we made some mini terrariums for our fridge

what are your highlights from this month?


  1. Hope you get fully recovered from that sprain very quickly! That sounds quite painful! This picture of the two of you is so cute--you both look so happy!

  2. Great picture! Sounds like a full month. Glad your recovery from the sprain is going well. That really sounds painful. Jordan sprained his wrist a few weeks ago and it's still hurting him.

  3. I'm glad to hear you're doing well after that ankle business!!!

    Yay for surprise parties, they are the best!!!

    Your May sounds pretty awesome! I hope June is even better! :)

  4. Ugh ankle issues are the worst! So glad God made our bodies to heal tho. I'll be praying you can walk pain-free!! And what a busy month--all those family celebrations and trips. (And I love how you included last year's may post!)

  5. Sorry to hear about your :( Looks like a busy, but very fun month!! The sunset in Savannah is gorgeous! And who can ever really pass up a candy/caramel apple, right? YUM!!

  6. Whoa; what a busy month! Meant to tell you earlier, but I loved the post about your downtown. As someone who spends a relative lot of time in ever-shrinking New England towns it was really interesting to hear about a city that is growing and expanding!!

  7. You had a busy month. I love how you also showed this month last year.

  8. thanks! my ankle is still swollen but i am able to walk on it now so that is nice!
    i'm glad the surprise party went so well & he was able to have his first surprise party! :)
    thanks friend! i hope you have a great June as well!

  9. i believe it! my ankle is still super swollen & uncomfortable... but i am able to walk on it so that's nice!

  10. thank you! it's definitely better but still swollen! thanks friend! :)

  11. they really are! especially when it's your dominant ankle - makes driving tricky!! thank you friend! :) i'm able to walk pain free for now as long as my ankle stays straight!

  12. it was!! May is always a crazy month but tons of fun! i know! i don't like plain caramel apples, but when you add a layer of chocolate i am all in! :)

  13. thanks Sara! yeah our city has definitely expanded a lot in the past decade & is still on the rise. it is neat to see!! :)

  14. thanks Jessa! it's fun to see the overlap from year to year, i think! :)

  15. Ahhhh yay for May! You guys had a crazy month too- I can't believe the sheer number of birthdays and anniversaries and events that you have in May! I hope your ankle is getting better! And how fun to pull off a surprise party- I love everything surprise so good on you for pulling that off!

  16. yeah a lot of people had a crazy May! :) must be something about the month!! it is so ridiculous - 50% of our immediate families have birthdays in May! thanks - the ankle is better but still swollen some! i really hope it doesn't stay this big forever! haha