Monday, June 08, 2015

peace with the geese

each morning on my way in to work, i walk by the river, hear the sounds of the crashing water, and watch the geese families. i call it my peace with the geese. mornings are so peaceful. no one is out & it's just me and nature. the weather is always super nice on spring/summer mornings so i have to force myself to go into work. 

one morning while i was watching the goslings on my walk in, a man was standing a few feet away also watching the goslings. he said to me "look at that. i just love this city!" & i couldn't agree more! working downtown has allowed me to have time to explore this city & get to know the park inhabitants better. our city isn't huge, but it's one of the most awesome in the world! fun fact: Greenville is on the 15 best cities for young adults Forbes list

lately i've been having a morning session on my way in and an afternoon session as i'm leaving work. occasionally i'll see if they are hanging around at lunch also. there are 2 geese families and 1 duck family that i see regularly. one goose family has 2 goslings & the other goose family has 5 goslings. the duck family has 7 ducklings - 3 are yellow & 4 are black. they are much smaller than the goslings but super cute!

it has been so much fun to watch these babies grow as the weeks have passed. the goslings pretty much doubled in size the first few weeks we were in the new building. the ducklings have stayed pretty small, but both the ducklings & goslings are still really cute! i was out of work for a week & a half while i had my sprained ankle & jury duty... so when i saw the goslings after that they were already growing feathers! these pictures were taken over a 5 week period. you'll notice the goslings getting bigger as the pictures progress (tiny to almost full grown) - crazy how quick they grow!

have you ever seen goslings? aren't they adorable?!


  1. How cute! If only they weren't so mean haha.

  2. haha! i know!! they are so cute as babies... & then they are so mean as adults!!

  3. SO cute!! I've seen ducklings, but not goslings. Looks like a very nice place to take a break from your day :)

  4. this was the first time i've ever seen goslings too! they are way cuter than the adult geese! :) the park is so much fun to hang out in during breaks!

  5. Peaceful mornings like that are the best! And how fun to see the change over time (like when I pass a building that is slowly getting renovated and then after watching all the progress, it's done!). May your mornings continue to be wonderful! :)

  6. exactly!!! it's cool to see how they've grown overtime :) even though they are almost fully grown now & i'm sad there's no more babies around!!