Monday, July 27, 2015

recipe | veggie salsa

on our family vacation, Thomas told me he was making a veggie dip that he thought i would like. when he said that i pictured dipping carrots into a white, sour cream type dip, which would be the exact opposite of something i would like. so i wasn't quite sold on it. 

then, he made what is in the picture above. nothing like i was dreading, and super delicious! i've dubbed it veggie salsa, because it is more like a salsa than a dip. i think i ate some every day during vacation & still couldn't get enough! 

the week before last, some of our friends invited us over for taco tuesday, so i figured that would be the perfect time to make our veggie salsa & enjoy it's goodness again! the recipe makes a huge bowl of it, so we had leftovers and i took it for lunch for the rest of the week! 

this is probably my favorite side dish ever & i love that it's so quick to make so it will probably be showing up at family gatherings all the time now! seriously, it only takes about 5 minutes to make, so it's the perfect take-along dish for those rushed weeknight dinners. i'm sharing the recipe below, because i think everyone should be able to enjoy the deliciousness that is this veggie salsa! so, enjoy! 


36oz bottle zesty italian dressing
1 can blackeye peas
1 can sweet yellow corn
2 cans white corn
2-3 cups pico de gallo

- dump all of the veggies into a large bowl & stir together
- pour in italian dressing & mix until it covers veggies well (normally a little over 1/2 a bottle)
- enjoy with the chips of your liking

what is your favorite kind of salsa?

Monday, July 20, 2015

life is better in the mountains

life has been kinda crazy in our family these last few years with college schedules, new babies, and aging grandparents. so my family hasn't gone on a family vacation with the entire family since before i went to college. (did i say the word family enough in that sentence?) this year life has finally settled down so we were able to do a family vacation again! 

my parents got a cabin at Lake Lure, NC which is a lake settled into the mountains and is really gorgeous. you may have heard of Lake Lure before - a good portion of Dirty Dancing was filmed there (before a fire burned the camp down). i've never seen the movie (it's not really my type), but it was neat to see where a movie was filmed! 

we all took turns making dinner, so it was fun to have lots of different meals. Thomas & i made dinner friday night when we got there. since we were coming straight from work, we went with pepperoni pita pizzas since they are quick & we were pushing on time. plus, we figured it would be a kid friendly meal & everyone loves pepperoni pizza, right? 

i also tried out a new dessert recipe from The Sprouted Kitchen's Bowl + Spoon, the dessert was a banana cocoa ice cream-ish dessert. that is, it would've been ice cream-ish had i not forgotten the milk. instead, it came out like a thick mousse texture. it was really really chocolately, mostly due to the fact that i forgot the milk, but it was pretty good. we dipped Teddy Grahams in it & it reminded me of Dunkaroos! 

on Saturday it rained almost all day so we just hung around the cabin, celebrated father's day, and watched American Sniper per my dad's request. i just got done reading the book so it was cool to see the movie right after! if you like reading, and don't mind reading about war, the book is definitely interesting! also, my brother in law made homemade donuts for the movie & we learned a super easy delicious recipe for them!

Sunday the rain was gone and it was a beautiful day, so we took a family boat tour on Lake Lure. it was neat to see all of the lake houses & just be out on the water. it amazes me how much money some people have, like the couple that built a $9.3 million house for their daughter as a wedding gift! WHAT?! is that even real life?! it just astounds me that someone can have that much money to spend on a gift. 

after the boat ride, we went to play putt putt. apparently 3 year old attention spans do not hold for an entire round of putt putt... but it was still a lot of fun! on Monday we slept in and had a slow morning. that was nice! then we went to Chimney Rock Village to have lunch and walk around. then unfortunately we had to leave after dinner so we could get back for work on Tuesday. but it was a nice long weekend vacation! 

his name is Jonah and he is eating whales! :)

where does your family normally vacation? mountains? beach? lake?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Brevard | North Carolina

over Memorial Day weekend, we took a quick one night trip to Brevard with our basset. Thomas had seen an oldies motel the last few times we passed through Brevard, so he checked it out online. it kinda gives you that 50's vibe so he thought it would be fun to stay in sometime. come to find out, they have pet friendly rooms so we decided to bring our basset along!

that same weekend was the White Squirrel Festival that they do every year. Brevard is known for their white squirrels & there was a white squirrel at the festival, but it is mainly a music festival. we didn't end up making it to the stages though, we enjoyed the craft booths more. our basset drew a lot of attention & got lots of water and pets from people. it was fun to bring her along! at the end of the festival, there was a mini donkey booth so we got to pet them. that was probably my favorite part - i am obsessed with donkeys!

we basically just hung around town while we were there. we took walks up main street and around the college campus. at night we had fun watching HGTV & tons of it. we don't have cable & really have no desire to get it. there's only about 3 channels i would want and HGTV is one of them. so we took advantage of the fact that we could binge watch it and stayed up late watching!

as we were leaving, we decided to drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway. we stopped at a few overlooks and let the basset sniff around. we even went to the place we stopped on the day Thomas proposed and sat on the overlook for a while. then at one of our stops i ended up spraining my ankle on a step i didn't see (with a loud pop included) and that was the end of our trip! luckily we had an ice pack with us for the food so we were able to keep ice on it. but, talk about a miserable 3 hour drive (including bathroom breaks) to take the basset home and get to the doctor! that was over a month ago now, and the ankle is all better!