Thursday, July 02, 2015

o6 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- i got my first ever summons for jury duty a few months ago set for June 1-5. i was dreading it because the first week of the month is closing at work, so i had to do extra prep work in May so other people could fill in for me while i was out. however, i ended up getting picked for the first trial & serving for 2 days and it was really interesting. i had a bad criminal case so parts of it were really sad but it was an interesting experience either way. i really loved the deliberation time at the end because we didn't have a unanimous vote at first so we had to argue our case. 

- my family hasn't taken a family vacation in a few years because of schedules, babies, and health issues. but we changed that this year & rented a cabin at Lake Lure. this was the first family vacation we took since i've been with Thomas so it was fun that we were all married & had more people along for the ride. i've been on a few family vacations with Thomas's family, but this was the first time he got to join ours. we only got to stay for 3 days because of work, but it was such a fun weekend! 

- i got a second Keratin treatment done on my hair this month & i am just so amazed at how much easier it makes my life! if you have unmanageable curly hair, get a keratin treatment...seriously it will change your life! it doesn't take out your curls, just takes the frizz out & makes straightening your hair 3x faster & easier! mine lasts for about 4-5 months so even though it can be pricey, it lasts a while! i get mine done for $75 including a hair cut, but i have seen a lot of places charge between $100-$150+ for them. outside of these 2-3 appointments a year, i don't spend any money on my hair or makeup, so it works for my budget.

- our basset hound starting walking funny & refusing to come up the stairs earlier this month so we took her to the emergency vet. they found a bone spur on her spine & said that it could be the beginnings of disc disease that long-back dogs are prone to. so they gave us pain meds for a few weeks & told us to check back with our vet. her meds ran out while we were at the cabin and Thomas's parents were keeping her. the next day she started hurting again and didn't do well with the stairs. so we started her back on the meds & are pretty sure she will need to be on the pain meds permanently. we are hoping the medicine helps and that she doesn't develop other issues or full blown disc disease. she is 7, and that's considered a senior citizen for a basset, but she should still have plenty of years left. (i don't even wanna think about that!)

June 1-2 - jury duty
June 11 - Greenville Drive game
June 13 - my nephew's 3rd birthday party
June 13 - dinner with friends & meeting their new baby
June 14 - downtown lunch date
June 20 - we took the basset downtown to the falls
June 21 - Father's Day with Thomas's family
June 26-29 - Lake Lure vacation with my family (& father's day)

- taco tuesday downtown
- healthy dinners
- exploring the city
- baseball games
- teddy graham race cars
- mid-morning fresh air breaks
- bunnies eating bananas
- local parks
- photogenic bunnies
- lake days
- homemade donuts

- passport to fun took us to Rome, Italy for a wine tasting!
- we ran our very first 5k & for not being runners we did alright!
- i made a coffee table tray with some leftover curtain fabric.
- i listed a few things that help me make it through those long 10-hour work days.
- i introduced our little woodland pet that lives in our yard.
- i realized how easier my life can be when i prep for meals!

what are your highlights from this month?



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  2. Liam had a break from school for most of this month so we actually got to enjoy a bit of a summer break together which was super fun. It's extremely unlikely that I will ever be selected for a jury so I'm always interested in hearing others' experiences. Sounds like your experience was relatively easy, even if it was sad. Also - where are you in that picture? Both you guys and the scenery look amazing!

  3. You are so great about getting these out right on the first of the month- I'm lucky if I get my rent in by the first of the month! :p that is honestly SO cool that you got picked for jury duty- my parents said they've always wanted to get picked and never have. I've never even been summoned so the verdict is still out on that. I've also decided that I need to check into keratin treatments because less frizz and easier straightening sounds uhhhh-mazing! Your poor doggy :( that's too bad that she might have to be on the pain meds permanently but all worth it if it improves her quality of life :)

  4. only because i keep them ongoing in my drafts all month! :)

    wow - they've never been picked?! that is so crazy! there were about 200 people called & only about 35 of us actually served during the week... so i guess i am pretty lucky! :) i blame it on my last name starting with a B! my maiden name started with a P... so i probably never would've been picked back then!

    "the verdict is still out on that" - HAHA! i see what you did there! yes! check into the keratin treatments... SO WORTH IT!

  5. i just got my first jury duty summons, too! and a 3-day trip to a cabin on a lake sounds SO PERFECT. i'm going to have to steal that idea for planning family trips next summer! and is your hair usually curly? i feel like i always see it straight (and it's always so pretty!).

  6. good luck!! pray you get picked for a case... it's actually really fun! :)

    the cabin on the lake was so much fun! such a pretty backdrop with the lake & the mountains!

    yeah my hair is naturally curly! i normally don't take pictures when it's curly, but i've also been straightening it every day since i've been getting the Keratin treatments, because it's so easy!

    here's a picture i found of the curls (it took a while lol)

  7. Haha I am secretly hoping I get picked bc I'm not working this summer and you get $9/day if picked, free parking, and the feeling of being a responsible citizen :P and I love the curls!!!! But I can totally understand going for easy straightening, especially if it's a humid day. (My not-curly, not-straight hair looks WILD when it's humid haha)

  8. I should keep them in my drafts! I keep a note of all the things I want to include but then still have to write it haha. And yeah they've never been picked so you're pretty lucky! (Is that the wrong word?)

  9. what exactly is a keratin treatment!?

  10. it is basically amazing! :) it's like a smoothing treatment for your hair that makes your hair really smooth (but doesn't take out curls) and takes the frizz out! so i can wear my hair curly still & it's WAY less frizzy - or i can straighten it way faster than i used to be able to b/c of the smoothing.

    before, i would blowdry my hair (and it would still be pretty curly/afro-ish like) and then have to spend 30 minutes straightening it. now, i blowdry my hair & it is pretty much straight, then i just run a straightener over it for 5-10 minutes!

  11. Your doggie!!!! I love your dog! I hope she is ok. I've been thinking about her ever since you posted this. I hope she will do ok and not get old fast. Pets are family! Our dog is I think 12 years old but still super active and I can hardly think about what life will be like when she isn't around anymore.

    The keratin treatment sounds AMAZING! I am going to look around at some of the salons here and see if they have that as an option. My hair is WILD here. The humidity just does horrific things to my hair so a keratin treatment might be a good option. I think that is a fun thing you do.

    That trial sounds interesting. I wish you could share the full story on the blog ;)

    AND YAY for family vacations! I'm glad you were able to do that.