Monday, July 27, 2015

recipe | veggie salsa

on our family vacation, Thomas told me he was making a veggie dip that he thought i would like. when he said that i pictured dipping carrots into a white, sour cream type dip, which would be the exact opposite of something i would like. so i wasn't quite sold on it. 

then, he made what is in the picture above. nothing like i was dreading, and super delicious! i've dubbed it veggie salsa, because it is more like a salsa than a dip. i think i ate some every day during vacation & still couldn't get enough! 

the week before last, some of our friends invited us over for taco tuesday, so i figured that would be the perfect time to make our veggie salsa & enjoy it's goodness again! the recipe makes a huge bowl of it, so we had leftovers and i took it for lunch for the rest of the week! 

this is probably my favorite side dish ever & i love that it's so quick to make so it will probably be showing up at family gatherings all the time now! seriously, it only takes about 5 minutes to make, so it's the perfect take-along dish for those rushed weeknight dinners. i'm sharing the recipe below, because i think everyone should be able to enjoy the deliciousness that is this veggie salsa! so, enjoy! 


36oz bottle zesty italian dressing
1 can blackeye peas
1 can sweet yellow corn
2 cans white corn
2-3 cups pico de gallo

- dump all of the veggies into a large bowl & stir together
- pour in italian dressing & mix until it covers veggies well (normally a little over 1/2 a bottle)
- enjoy with the chips of your liking

what is your favorite kind of salsa?

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