Monday, August 17, 2015

o7 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- we had another family vacation this month with Thomas's family. so our vacations were one after another, but they were definitely needed. it's been a long 6 months for both of us because we hadn't taken any time off this year except for our anniversary in May. so it was nice to have back-to-back family vacations in June & July. however, since these were all weekend vacations they made the weeks hectic so we were ready for rest by the time they came! 

- shark week is in July! aka - the only time i wish i had cable. i'm not sure when sharks became one of my favorite animals (especially because they eat penguins which are my top favorite animal), but they just fascinate me so much. Discovery devotes a whole week to sharks every year & i just can't get enough of shows about sharks! there are episodes from past years on hulu which is awesome, but this year we were at the cabin during the end of shark week so we were able to watch some of it on vacation!

- i mentioned last month that our basset has been having back issues. we started her on the second round of medicine and she seems to be feeling better, but it's been a month now and she is still not 100%. it doesn't seem like she's in pain still, but she just isn't moving as well as she used to. so we are making sure she has plenty of padding on her bed and is comfy. plus, we are giving her fun treats & bones to chew on. her new favorite is this Blue Buffalo knuckle chew - she says thanks!

- in May there was a baby camel born at the animal park nearby our house. they announced that you could visit the camel in the nursery, so i've been dying to go see her. we finally went this month and got to hang out with the baby camel. she was funny because she would moan randomly and awkwardly jump around, as she's still getting used to her legs. we got to stay in the nursery for about 20 minutes so we got some fun pictures and videos!

July 1 - dinner date @ the lake
July 3 - movie date - Inside Out (so cute!)
July 4 - dinner & fireworks downtown
July 9-12 - Gatlinburg vacation with Thomas's family
July 14 - dinner with church friends
July 24 - dinner with Thomas's family
July 25 - Hollywild Animal Park & meeting a baby camel
July 26 - lunch with Thomas's family
July 31 - James Taylor concert in NC

- eating my weight in watermelon
- watching ducks on the lake
- caramel apples & fireworks atop a parking garage
- my photogenic bunny
- journaling/reading at the lake 
- endless games of pool
- vacation treats
- seeing wild elk in the south
- baby duck friends downtown
- random crane sighting
- selfies with a zebra
- baby camel kisses
- seeing fire & rain live

- we saved a box turtle from the middle of the road & took him to our woods.
- we traveled to Bangkok for our passport to fun date!
- i discussed why i have tattoos & things i've been told because of them.
- Albus the bunny joined our family!
- i shared the engagement gift i made for my newly engaged friend.

what are your highlights from this month?

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