Monday, August 03, 2015

one sentence a day | recap

i don't really use twitter that much, so i was a little worried going into the month that i would have a hard time remembering to post a sentence every day during July. however, after the first few days i frequently thought about it during each day, and had a lot of fun coming up with my sentence for the day.

it was a challenge at times, especially on those long work days. then, some days i had so many things i wanted to include it was hard to pick just one. there were a few bloggers who joined in during the month also (shout out to VictoriaJulie, and Jessica!), so it was fun to see what they were up to each day! below is a recap of my entire July, one sentence at a time!

July 1st - cool weather, binoculars, turtles, and baby ducks equals the perfect combination for a mid-morning work break!

July 2nd - it's a good day when you ask to take a picture of a basset hound puppy & you end up with a doggy date!

July 3rd - the one redeeming thing about having to work on a holiday is that there's no morning traffic!

July 4th - after living in #yeahthatgreenville for 15 years, I'm finally going downtown for fireworks on the 4th!

July 5th - I never thought I'd be thankful for rain, but the cooler weather is definitely appreciated!

July 6th - shark week is the one week of the year i wish i had cable!

July 7th - there's nothing like going to lunch & coming back to the blue screen of death (during quarter end, mind you).

July 8th - coffee & old school Hanson are the only things getting me through this particular work day afternoon.

July 9th - today i saw a homeless man (who frequents the park) feeding the ducks & that's so beautiful it just made my heart smile.

July 10th - you know you're exhausted when you sleep for 9 hours & then take an hour long nap a few hours after waking up.

July 11th - the gap outlet said 70% off and my fun money for the month said see ya!

July 12th - surprise BOGO deals, random elk herd, hiking straight up a mountain & 17K step fitbit record is a good last day of vacation.

July 13th - this is the first time I've had the day after vacation off of work & it is so glorious!

July 14th - lunch with my high school BFF was a welcome break to this first day back after a long weekend!

July 15th - somehow it always happens that i feel more exhausted after a vacation.

July 16th - tomorrow is friday so I am having a celebratory root beer!

July 17th - the bad news is Thomas had to work until 7, the good news is he is bringing home Thai for dinner!

July 18th - family vacations the last few weekends have been fun, but I'm thankful for this weekend of rest.

July 19th - lazy sunday afternoons make it easier to face the work week hustle that monday brings.

July 20th - thanks to a free month of hulu, I'm now obsessed with The Good Wife.

July 21st - this morning on my walk into work, i saw a massive crane sitting on a rock in the river!

July 22nd - I wouldn't trade coming home to a basset & bunny every night for anything!

July 23rd - tonight I came home to a basset, a bunny, and a cricket, but I had to tell the cricket that our pet quota has been met.

July 24th - It's been a long week and I'm convinced coffee was made for days like today!

July 25th - today is a day for dreaming & planning - in that order!

July 26th - I'm missing hanging out with the baby camel today!

July 27th - most people think accountants are boring, but we sure know how to pull off 50th birthday decorations!

July 28th - today we are one step closer to something we've been dreaming about for years!

July 29th - I realized today that I have more pictures of animals than people on my Instagram - not sure what that says!

July 30th - figurative fridays are my favorite kind of fridays!

July 31st - working 5 days a week seems a bit excessive, so i'm taking today off & going to see James Taylor instead!

what's one sentence to recap YOUR July?

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