Monday, August 31, 2015

that time we met a baby camel

one of my favorite places in upstate South Carolina is Hollywild Animal Park. it's an interactive zoo and rehab of sorts for animals from all over the world. the first time i went was during the Christmas season where you drive through at night to enjoy the lights. during Christmas they also have a petting zoo and a field where you drive through and can feed cows, deer, zebras, and donkeys through your car window. it was that field of animals where a zebra stuck it's head in my car that made me fall in love with Hollywild.

then, i started dating Thomas and found out that during the other seasons of the year Hollywild is an interactive zoo during the daylight hours! i was so excited to find that out because i love animals and being able to interact with zebras, camels, and other fun animals was super attractive to me! so, we went during the day as a date and i fell even more in love with it! now we are frequent visitors to Hollywild each year. any normal zoo would get old after a while because you would just see the same animals every time you went. but at Hollywild, since you get to feed them and interact, it really is a different experience every time you go!

in May, two of the camels at Hollywild had a baby that they named Wednesday (because of the hump day commercials), and i have been dying to go visit the baby camel! Hollywild recently opened up a nursery experience where you can go visit the baby animals in their nursery by buying an add-on to your ticket. so, that's what we did and we were the only 2 signed up at our time so we got to have the nursery to ourselves!

Wednesday would moan randomly at the other baby animals or if people passed by, and she would also randomly run and kick her legs all crazy because she's still getting used to her legs. it was so adorable though & i even got a video of her doing it! her and the baby antelope loved giving kisses too so we got our share of camel kisses as well. we were in the nursery for about 20 minutes with them & it was really cool to be up close and personal with baby animals! we will definitely be going back to the nursery in the future!

are there any interactive zoos near you?! 

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