Monday, September 07, 2015

a cozy mountain getaway

for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. we don't really do a lot in the gift department. instead, we gift each other with experiences & memories. we prefer this because we would rather spend money on something we can experience, instead of something else to sit around and collect dust. of course, we both have so much stuff already so there isn't often something that we just want or have to have. and going on little adventures are good for the soul & the marriage!

so, for my birthday this year, Thomas planned a surprise mountain getaway for us! he found a really good deal on a cabin for 2 in Gatlinburg and it was the perfect cozy weekend! even though it was August, we did (briefly) enjoy the hot tub once the sun went down! we have also been to Gatlinburg a lot in the past year, so we didn't feel like there was anything we had to do which was nice. 

we just hung out around town, played some mini-golf, and explored places we hadn't been to yet. we got to feed bears at one of the general stores in Pigeon Forge so that was a neat experience! they have this huge enclosure with 3 bears just hanging out. you can get a cup of apples & grapes to throw down at them and they just love it. 

then on our way out of town we drove down a nature trail Thomas had found with old wood houses. we were at an overlook when we turned around to see a black bear about to cross the road towards our car. she was closer to our car at that point than we were, so we had a frantic moment of trying to figure out how to get to our car before her. luckily another car drove up at that point and scared her off into the woods in the opposite direction. she had 2 cubs with her so it was neat to see but maybe a little too close for comfort at one point! :)

what's your favorite getaway destination?

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