Monday, September 28, 2015

apple picking | a family affair

the last weekend in August, my family went apple picking at an orchard in NC. it's on top of a mountain, so it's aptly named Skytop Orchard. :) visiting an orchard is fun anyways, but have you ever noticed that everything is more fun when you bring a 3 year old along?! 

we spent time walking through the apple trees while Jonah showed us which apples to choose. his toys helped to pick the apples off the tree too, so thoughtful. we were pleasantly surprised to see peach trees in the orchard as well. i'm not a huge apple fan, so i mainly filled my basket with peaches! 

we got apple donuts, and apple cider while we were there. Thomas, Jonah, and i all got apple cider in an apple cup, so naturally we had to get a picture of our apple cups together! :) after apple picking, we spent time feeding the animals. after watching the joy Jonah expressed when he fed the goats, i have no doubt in my mind that he is related to me! we also got to see baby peacocks! i have never seen baby peacocks before but be still my heart they were so cute! 

are there any fun public orchards where you live?

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