Monday, September 21, 2015

matron of honor diaries | the wedding

in May 2014 one of my best friends got engaged. in August 2014 i helped throw a bridal shower for her. and in September 2015 she finally became Mrs. Crumpton! Jenna is one of my first friends to get married, so this was my first time being in a wedding since my sister's. only this time i was the Matron of Honor and it literally was such an honor to help her get ready for her wedding! 

they had a really long engagement, so it was a long time coming but everything went off without a hitch. i love all of the fall colors that she used & all of the simple but beautiful decorations. the week of the wedding was super busy with last minute stuff being put together, and i was definitely exhausted after everything was said and done, but it was completely worth it.

after the rehearsal on friday, we all went to dinner at this cajun voodoo kind of restaurant. the food was really, really good! we ended up sitting with another bridesmaid and her husband and had such fun time hanging out with them. especially when she told me that she does a Harry Potter camp during the summer & Hogwarts becomes real for those few days. i'm trying to figure out a way to get out of work and help at the camp next year! :)

Saturday morning we all went to the salon with the bride and got our hair and makeup done. it was really fun to just hang out and do girly things because that's definitely not my scene on the regular. the wedding went super smooth & the reception was a lot of fun also! including the selfie photo booth they had set up which Thomas and i definitely took advantage of! after the reception, Thomas and i took some pictures on this old train in the middle of town which was a lot of fun & i love the pictures we ended up with! 

after over a year, it seems kind of weird that the wedding is over and done with now. but it's really cool to see your friends that you've known for years get married & start a new chapter in life!

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