Wednesday, September 02, 2015

o8 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- since i love animals so much, Thomas and i tend to go to a lot of zoos. in February we decided to get a zoo membership because it includes our zoo at home as well as a lot of zoos all over the country. so, when we were in NC at the beginning of the month, we got into the NC zoo for free ($30 value) and we also went to the transportation museum and got admission for free ($12 value) and the train ride for free ($12 value) - so needless to say we are loving this zoo membership! (that trip was $54 so if we had gotten the membership and only visited there, we still would have saved $9! but we have been using the membership all year so we have saved tons more!)

- we had 3 days straight of crazy micro burst storms at the beginning of the month. the first night, a tree fell on our personal power line in our yard and we lost power. that night the power company came and fixed the power line on the road, but not our line so when we got back to the house in the morning the power had been surging since 3am. we ended up having to call the company 3 more times before it was finally fixed. somehow they either kept missing the tree or just not coming out and closing the ticket. so for 2 1/2 days we stayed at my in-laws house, with basset hound & bunny in tow. when we were able to move back into our house, we found out that on top of losing everything in our fridge & freezer, our microwave, dvd player, tv antenna, and clock all got fried in the power surge. so, needless to say we had a pretty rocky start to the month.  

- Thomas planned a surprise getaway to Gatlinburg for my birthday! he found a deal on a 2 person cabin so he booked it for the weekend. after the hectic start to the month, it was nice to get away from it all for a few days. we enjoyed the cozy cabin & the exploring we got to do. we drove down a nature trail as we were leaving & saw a bear a little too close for comfort! we were out of the car taking pictures at an overlook when we turned around & saw a full size black bear (with 2 cubs in tow) about 20 feet from our car. unfortunately, the bear was closer to our car than we were so it was a frantic few seconds figuring out how we were going to get to our car. luckily, another car sped around the curve and the bear went back up into the woods. as she was leaving, i did snap a few pictures, because priorities. :)
[i did wait until after she was a safe distance away to take the pictures... i may be crazy but i'm not stupid!] 

August 1 - North Carolina Zoo & Transportation Museum
August 5-7 - power out at our house, stayed with Thomas's parents
August 8 - Jenna's bachelorette party
August 11 - downtown date night
August 12 - local coffee shop date
August 15 - house appraisal
August 21-23 - surprise birthday weekend getaway!
August 25 - birthday dinner with my family
August 29 - apple pickin' & hanging out with A.C. Slater
August 30 - at home movie date (Home)

- feeding a giraffe
- the brilliance of sunflowers
- complimentary strawberry lemonade
- lunchtime walks thanks to "cooler" weather
- seeing baby ducks growing up
- saturday morning mimosas
- honey lavender lattes
- whimsical coffee shops
- my sexy hunk of meat of a husband
- cabin getaway
- feeding bears
- my duck friends downtown
- picking apples with the nephew
- meeting Mario Lopez
- string of lights & city nights

- i helped throw a bridal shower for my BFF (who is getting married Saturday!!)
- i shared the newlywed advice we got at our wedding.
- i shared recipes for some of our go to weeknight meals!
- i was cliche & shared 26 things i had learned in my first 26 years of life!
- we hung out with zebras for our passport to fun trip to Botswana!
- and i shared the realization that life is messy & that's okay!

what are your highlights from this month?

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