Wednesday, September 23, 2015

the first date | year five

4 years ago on September 22, a girl who had just returned from Alaska sat across the table from the most handsome man in all the land & a cup of coffee started it all.

no matter how far we go & how much we grow, it's good to look back and remember how you started. it's good every once in a while to remember your roots. 

one way we personally do that is by recreating our first date each year. i'm kind of sentimental so i come up with ideas like this a lot. but i'm really glad that we have this as a tradition. 

honestly, i am more nostalgic thinking about our first date than our wedding day. i guess it's because the first date was the very, very beginning. so new, in fact, that we weren't really sure if this was an official date or not back then. 

i remember the subtle transition of just being casual friends to spending time together to dating. and it's just fun to look back and see how we have evolved from that very first unofficially official date. 

now here we are 4 years later, well into our third year of marriage. in some ways our first date seems like it was just yesterday. and in some ways it seems like a very distant memory. so much has happened in these four years that has caused us to be challenged and grow, yet at the same time everything still feels new. 

maybe that's just the way marriage is. i hope so. i hope to never lose the excitement and anticipation that is falling in love. yet i want to continue growing in the comfort that is old and mature love. the stability and the sureness. 

pumpkin decorations, the changing of the leaves, and the chill in the air are all signs of fall, and signs that i love. but i would have to say my favorite sign of the arrival of fall is recreating our first date! :)

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