Wednesday, October 21, 2015

a different kind of thankful

i'm thankful for the rain... because it helps me to appreciate the sunshine.

i'm thankful for my job even when it is stressful... because it reminds me to not let myself be lazy.

i'm thankful for Thomas working overtime almost every weeknight... because it reminds me that life is short & that i should cherish the time we have together.

i'm thankful for difficult people... because they challenge my understanding of true grace and they help me to practice loving better.

i'm thankful for loneliness... because it pushes me to prayer.

i'm thankful for piles upon piles upon piles of clothes to be washed... because it means we are alive to wear them.

i'm thankful for crazy emotions... because they point out when my heart is off track.

i'm thankful for awkward conversations with strangers... because it reminds me that there are people different than me & that the world is so big.

i'm thankful when people let me down... because it reminds me that i should only look to God to fulfill me.

and i'm thankful for inconvenient, last minute business trips... because they can be redeemed as a mini-vacation.

what are some difficult things you are thankful for today?

i'm linking up with the secret blogger club and thankful thursday

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