Monday, October 05, 2015

o9 | project 12

Project 12 | a picture for each month of the year

- one of my best friends is officially a married gal! her wedding was labor day weekend & it was a weekend full of labor for sure! as the matron of honor, i helped her out with a few things the week of & night before the wedding so i was so exhausted by the time sunday came! however, it was totally worth it & i was so honored to be the matron of honor! :)

- ever since i've been working downtown, i've discovered how awesome ducks are! i hang out with the ones who live downtown almost every day on my lunch break & i never knew ducks have so much personality! some friends of ours have ducks, so we went to visit them this month & i got to hold a duck! #bestdayever

- i can't believe it was this time last year that we found out Thomas's job would for sure be ending in January. his company merged and they were moving the SC office to Iowa so everyone's job was ending in stages. he ended up getting a job offer (for the first job he interviewed for) 3 days after his previous job ended & was only out of work for a week and a half before starting the new job. now he is in a new job that he loves, even training new employees! it is crazy to look back at how we were feeling at this time last year & see how God orchestrated the entire thing!

September 4 - wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, & sign making
September 5 - wedding festivities all day!
September 7 - smoked ribs & pork shoulder at my parents house for labor day
September 8-13 - i had food poisoning & Thomas had some kinda sickness that landed him in the ER
September 19 - Farm Fresh Fair & dinner with my parents
September 22 - recreated our first date (for the 4th year!)
September 26 - Thomas's grandpa passed away
September 29 - visitation & the funeral

- the joy of feeding animals
- sunshine & pretty flowers
- having someone to be silly with
- my best friend's wedding
- gorgeous fall wedding colors
- my husband all dressed up
- making mini star wars characters
- photo op with the ducks
- lake sunsets practically in our front yard
- finding old books
- first date re-creation
- remembering the positives in life
- our groundhog eating squash
- holding a duck (!!!)

- our passport to fun date took us to Athens, Greece!
- i shared the 7 arrows of Bible reading that my pastor came up with as a Bible study tool.
- i made a list of 30 random things i love about life!
- i shared 5 new restaurants around town that we tried out as part of my 30x30 list.
- i shared how we re-create our first date every year & how it's my favorite tradition!
- i joined in with The Circle link up to talk about our favorite things about fall!
- and of course i had to share about the perfect autumn afternoon! :)

what are your highlights from this month?

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